Friday T&A: Octagon Rating Edition

If you do not watch mixed martial arts, it is unlikely that you have ever heard of Arianny Celeste- unless of course you know her as "that really hot chick who appeared in that magazine once". This is, admittedly, a rather absurdly generic description.

However, there is nothing generic about a certain Ms. Arianny Celeste.

She is living proof that not every ring girl looks trashy and pasty. I know of what I speak here, by the way. Back in the summer of 2015, my buddies and I organised a little road trip up to Vermont to watch a few amateur MMA fights involving guys who train at my school. We ended up with ringside seats (because of course I organised that part of the journey), which put us in a prime position to see the one ring girl who was showing the cards.

She was not a good advertisement for the species. Tattoos, short hair, piercings, saggy wrinkly skin, short in stature- it was like looking at some sort of unholy cross between jailbait and a coke-fiend skank. (I do believe I just came up with a great new alt-Right buzzword, lads: JAILSKANK!!! No? Anyone?)

Fortunately, Ms. Celeste is there to remind us of what the breed could be if only they made some effort.

Happy Friday, boys. Time to go have some beer and beef.


  1. Question is, has she been to Dubai? I could've sworn I have seen her before on Tag The Sponsor.

    1. I would not be surprised if she was. In keeping with Rule #2 of the Friday T&A Addendum, let me know if you can find her tagged there- for some silly reason those guys don't have a search feature.

      She was definitely on a Playboy cover in 2010- and has been arrested in the past on domestic battery charges.

      So she isn't exactly the sort of girl you take home to meet your mother. But of course that isn't really the point of these posts, I'm more about the eye candy.


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