Women in and out of the West

Dating Beyond Borders is a site I came across while randomly surfing videos on YouTube, which is all about... actually, I have no idea exactly what, but apparently it has something to do with teaching men and women how to date across cultures and national boundaries.

Anyway, the lady behind the site has created a rather amusing series of videos (11 and counting, so far) that provide some brief general insights into what it's like to date a woman from XYZ country. Here's the full list:

(No prizes for guessing which one is my favourite. Yep- the Russian is by far the cutest and funniest and most feminine.)

Some of those videos have seriously cringe-worthy moments, no question. But there are more than a few lessons to be gleaned.

First, yes, these are all heavily generalised and there are more than a few stereotypes that may or may not hold true in specific cases. But, it isn't hard to gather from that list where you do and don't want to drop anchor.

The Danish, German, Canadian, and English examples make me- and, I'm sure, most of my readers- want to run screaming in the other direction.

The Danish case in particular was truly horrible. I know she's an actress, I get that. But did they have to find a woman who looked like the Swamp Thing with bleached hair? It's like women in Denmark are actively trying to be un-feminine. And that isn't merely my opinion; Roosh wrote a book on the subject in which his advice basically came down to: stay the hell away from, and out of, Danish women.

As for the English case... All I can say is, "yep, it is actually that bad".

The (Anglo-)Canadian case made me want to punch something. And the German? Would not bang with a stolen dick.

The Danish woman, of course, takes the crazy-cat-lady cake. You wouldn't want to be in the same city as someone like that.

Compared to them- and compared to quite a lot of young women of my acquaintance- the Brazilian, Mexican, Czech, and especially Russian examples are like a breath of fresh mountain air after being stuck in a slum of a smoggy city.

It's not necessarily that there is anything special about them. None of them are truly extraordinary beyond a certain point; a couple of the foreign girls actually look downright homely in a couple of cases. (The Russian is the exception, obviously.)

It is that you get a glimpse into what a normal, healthy relationship between a man and a woman is really like. And that's what makes all of the difference- everything just seems normal again. The way things should be, instead of the way that men and women have been conditioned into thinking they have to be after fifty years of relentless feminist propaganda.

Unsurprisingly to any man who has been paying attention, the women of the West are, by and large, dating disasters, and we are simply turning away from them in droves because they have nothing to offer.

Second, even when you take the biases of the film-maker and take what she is producing with a very large grain of salt, the only conclusion that can be reached from viewing those videos is that women in Eastern Europe and Latin America actually act like women.

By that, I mean simply that they:
  • Expect their men to act like men by taking charge and making decisions;
  • Find pleasure and happiness in taking care of their men;
  • Are actively engaged with their families;
  • Believe in "traditional gender roles";
  • Are baffled by Western women who believe otherwise; and:
  • Are truly pleasant, lovely, and wonderful to be around.
Compared to all of that... is it any wonder that Western women just cannot compete? And is it any wonder that this knowledge drives them crazy with jealousy?

Third, making allowances for generalisations and stereotypes once again, the portrayal of foreign women in those videos is not too far off from what anecdotal evidence and personal testimonials tell us is true.

Which brings us back to one fundamental truth: Western women are disasters for dating and marriage (in general terms) because Western men have allowed them to become such.

Western civilisation isn't going to be saved by women. It is going to be saved by men who demand more from their women. A very large part of the reason why Russian, Brazilian, and Czech women still believe in traditional gender roles is because the men of those nations are still traditionalist in terms of their beliefs and actions.

In Russia, for instance, it is possible for a woman to have a good career and nice apartment on her own, living in Moscow. I know that from personal experience. But in the rest of Russia, outside of what most Russians consider to be the most "Americanised" city in the country, the reality is very different: women still look for traditional roles as wives and mothers.

And that is due in no small part to the fact that the Russian leadership is highly patriarchal and simply does not have time or patience for the West's rather more fruity notions of "equality" and "gender rights".

Western women are not going to magically improve overnight. They will improve only if they are held to a much higher standard- the same standard that is met or exceeded by their foreign counterparts.

UPDATE: From the same YouTube channel- in case there are any women who read my posts (which I'm guessing is extremely unlikely, since what I write offends the hell out of most Western women), here is what it's (supposedly) like to date dudes from many of the same countries.

I tried watching the one about dating an Indian dude, since I've griped about Indian girls in the past. Fair and balanced and all that jazz, right?

I could barely watch it through my fingers- not just because the guy's behaviour is cringe-worthy, but because it's also very close to real life.

What can I say- the Indian Race Troll exists for a reason.


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