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I know it's a few days late, but can I just say HOW GOOD it is to be able to note the fact that Barack Hussein Obama- or, as I variously call him, Odoofuss, Odumbass, Obarmy, and Obummer- is no longer President of the United States of America?

Of course, coming up with a full catalogue of Obarmy's many, epic, and repeated failures of character and quality as President would be impossible to do in a compressed blog article. If you want a rundown of just how dreadful a President he was, Stefan Molyneux's summary- which is still an hour long- is not a bad place to start:

I remember perfectly well where I was on that cold and windy November night when Barack Obama won the 2008 election. I was sitting in a hotel bar in downtown Vancouver that night, enjoying a bit of superb Macallan 12-year single-malt by myself and watching the Clinton News Network on TV as Obarmy gave his victory speech, and John McCain conceded the contest.

The memory stands out in my mind because at the time I was reading Amity Shlaes's superb history of the Great Depression, The Forgotten Man. Reading through it was like viewing the massive credit crash, which would affect me personally just as it would tens of millions of people in the country in the coming months, through a distant and dark mirror.

In both 1932 and 2008, a messianic, charismatic leader promising action on a massive scale came to power on a platform preaching unity and deliverance from the afflictions of the land. Like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Obama was long on rhetoric and rather short on sensible specifics. Like FDR, what specifics Obama did propose amounted to heavy spending offset, somehow, by big tax increases which would, again somehow, magically fix the economy, all while proposing a raft of heavy new regulations. Like FDR, Obama was voted in on a surge of extremely favourable, even fawning, press coverage.

And like FDR, Odumbass has turned out to be a truly epic disaster for the country, and in many ways the rest of the world.

At least in Roosevelt's case, much of his hallowed reputation rests on the fact that he provided firm and strong leadership during WWII. President Obama, on the other hand, was merely a thin-skinned, largely talent-free narcissist who did his absolute damnedest to involve the United States in as many shooting wars as he could- after castigating the interventionist policies of his predecessor, no less- but had nowhere near the leadership skills required to actually carry the nation through those wars.

It needs to be said that, like many on the Right at the time, I did not bear President Obama any particular ill will back in 2008. Shortly after his election I sent out an essay of sorts to family and friends, in which I stated my hopes that he would govern wisely and prudently, even as I expressed strong reservations about his lack of experience, his alarming big-government platform, and his temperamental suitability for the highest office in the land.

As I recall, at the time most of my family's friends- many of them foreigners living in the US, and many of them being very liberal politically- brushed off those concerns and stated confidently that of course Obama would be a great President! How could he not be?! He was so cool and calm during the election, such a great orator with such a wonderful vision!

Fast forward eight long and terrible years, and look at how he leaves office: scandal-plagued in disgrace, a shell of his former self, his most cherished programs and initiatives now being inexorably rolled back by the God-Emperor on his Golden Throne.

Odumbass leaves behind a nation tearing itself apart at the seams- thanks in no small part to his own elevation of social justice from a lunatic-fringe ideology to the cornerstone of his governing philosophy- and a world that is rapidly becoming less secure, less stable, and less certain by the day.

Obarmy spent over a year publicly trashing Donald Trump's candidacy for President as a joke so ridiculous that it could not possibly be taken seriously by anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together. He never once had the humility or self-awareness to realise that he, Barack Hussein Obama, was directly responsible for creating the movement and the phenomenon that became Donald Trump's campaign and victory.

Indeed, in a very real way, Obama created the alt-Right, just as he created Trump- or at least, the movement that President Trump represents. He is not solely responsible for us, obviously; we exist because the mainstream Right in America simply refused to put up a fight and insisted on ceding ground at every opportunity, preferring to go down to Noble Defeat every single time that they were forced to the battlefield. But it was Obarmy's insistence on forcing a combination of social justice lunacy, big-government recklessness, and globalist stupidity down our throats that caused us to react.

And, as he and his allies have already learned to their deep regret, we are not particularly interested in compromise, and we sure as hell aren't interested in being defeated all the time in return for lucrative media appearances and think-tank gigs.

He now leaves office having been weighed, measured, and found severely wanting by the American people. His successor is methodically and ruthlessly shredding his signature policy, uh, "achievements" (read: debacles) with a Lightning Claw.

In fact, I am willing to wager that he will go down in history regarded as a worse President than his predecessor, George W. Bush.

I realise that this is quite a bold claim to make, but think about it carefully and you will see why.

President Bush (43) was certainly a flawed man in a very great many ways. His "mental model" of the world, steeped as it was in a sort of woolly-headed "compassionate conservatism", was really nothing more than Wilsonian idealism devoid of much by way of pragmatic tempering. It was his hubris, his lack of historical understanding, and his overoptimistic reading of facts on the ground that caused him to commit America to multiple disastrously failed wars which will probably be remembered as this nation's "Syracuse Expedition". He presided over an economic collapse that he, himself, did much to engender.

Yet he also had his good points. He was, in my personal opinion, a flawed but basically good man trying very hard to do the righteous and decent thing in an unholy and indecent time. His failures of judgement were severe and hundreds of thousands of people paid a truly appalling price for them, and for these he must rightly be judged extremely harshly. But for all of that, he comported himself both within and beyond his office with dignity, grace, and a high degree of respect for his office.

His successor took all of President Bush's worst mistakes, and then proceeded to quadruple down on them. By the end of Odumbass's two terms, the Middle East had been severely destabilised, the national debt had shot past 100% of GDP, race relations in the USA were worse than they have been in at least fifty years, and America's once-strong military had been turned into a giant social justice experiment.

That is what we are faced with today: a country tearing itself apart, an unsafe and deeply unstable world, and an America that is quite unsure of its own identity.

That is the world that Barack Obama directly created, because he was perhaps the first affirmative-action President this country has ever had.

Thank God Almighty that he is, at long bloody last, finally gone.


  1. C'mon, you know "we just hate him cuz he's black." - not because he's a leftist like all the other leftists.

    God, I actually had that thrown at me today, along with a literal shocked gasp when I called Carter a useful idiot.

    Either way, Amen, great writeup.


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