Taking the ladies to school

I came across a rather interesting "new" YouTube channel (which actually isn't very new at all) called Blonde in the Belly of the Beast today, starring a Millennial blonde woman who basically espouses sensible red-pill points of view. Some of my readers might be inclined to agree with me when I say that she's kind of a butterface, but on balance, I think she's a reasonably fetching young lady.

I have to admit, I'm impressed- most Millennial women are annoying as hell, but the pretty blonde right-wing ones are good fun to watch.

The best thing about Ms. Blonde there is the fact that she spends quite a bit of time telling women of her own age and social milieu to "woman up". This advice is rarely given these days and seldom listened to by its intended recipients, but it is valuable nonetheless.

Her views on a number of subjects are refreshingly candid indeed. Consider:

Living Among Liberals

The Truth About Feminism

Self-Help for Beta Males

Self-Help for Annoying Millennial Women

The Reality of the Black Undertow

How to Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Yeah, Modern Art Blows

It must be said, her delivery has improved over time as she has gotten more comfortable in front of the camera and written, edited, and produced her own scripts. You can see the progression in quality from her first to her latest videos. I am indeed impressed with her eloquence and ability to craft both a message and a product that people are willing to pay to support.

Women like her are evidence that not every girl in our generation is a lost cause. There are, in fact, some who are capable of being convinced through reason, evidence, and experience that most of what they were taught about how to be a woman in modern society is complete nonsense.

It is not, however, easy to find them.

I suspect that this will change over the next few years, though. Consider: during the Reagan Era, we saw a massive resurgence in masculine ideas and tropes- there is a reason why the Eighties move stereotype exists, after all- because there was a man in the Oval Office who actually acted the part. He was strong, confident, charismatic, optimistic, and a natural leader.

Compared to the limp-wristed nancy-boy that he had replaced, President Reagan's Administration must have seemed like a real breath of fresh air. (I can only speculate about this, I'm not old enough to remember what he was like as POTUS- perhaps some of my older readers can enlighten us.)

The next eight years were filled with a revival of the American spirit- and of the masculine values and virtues which drove it. I have a good feeling that the reign of the God-Emperor will provide us with something similar.

And that is very good news indeed for both the men and the women of the West.

The catastrophic state of Western civilisation didn't happen by accident. It happened because weak men came to power and engendered further weakness throughout the societies that they led.

In times of prosperity and abundance, weakness is a luxury that can be afforded- at first. But the decadence and sloth brought on by weakness inevitably leads to hardship and calamity.

Weakness has been the watchword of the West for the better part of thirty years. For the first time in an entire generation, weakness is now no longer fashionable or desirable- and both men and women will respond to that fact.

Will this mean instant improvements to the dating market? Of course not. If you live in or near any of the big American cities, especially- God help you- Manhattan (or, as I call it, Gomorrah-on-the-Hudson), then it will take years before those rabbit-warrens are forced to change their ways, even slightly.

But I do believe that we can look forward to at least some positive developments in the dating scene, where beta males no longer act quite so beta, and bitchy American women become just a bit more pleasant and feminine in the process.

Note: I am NOT arguing that American women will somehow magically transform themselves into demure, happy, low-drama Stepford Wives. You would have to be hallucinating to argue this; the damage wrought by fifty years of feminism simply runs far too deep. I am arguing that we should see at least some small improvements in their overall demeanour and "dateability" in the near future.

If nothing else, we should see a few more such "awakened" women popping up over the next few years. And about damned time, too.


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