Seems fitting

In light of all of the #WINNING that has occurred thus far under the barely-begun reign of the God-Emperor, I thought it appropriate to bring up a couple of my favourite TESTAMENT songs.

Let's start with "True American Hate":

All those who follow,
All those with faith,
Show us your colours
American hate!

Damn straight, Skippy.

And of course, there is the titanic, monumental, venom-spitting, neck-snapping, throat-shredding magnum opus, "The Formation of Damnation":

We live in interesting times, indeed. The #Alt-Right is ascendant, and our fight for Western civilisation has only just begun. We will win because we fight for what is right, because our values make sense, because the West is indeed best, and because God is on our side, as He has proven repeatedly.

And, of course, because our music is just so much better. None of that limp-wristed hippity-hoppity bullshit here, just straight-up manly metal.

It's harder to think of a better way to march off to war than by listening to IRON MAIDEN, or TESTAMENT- except maybe by listening to, say, Heather Alexander's "March of Cambreadth":


  1. Damn, commented on the wrong page - but yes, March of Cambreadth. Yes, it's bagpipes. Yes, it's even celtic-folk. Good lord is that song bloody-minded and METAL.


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