Ready the harpoons, boys!

LTC Tom Kratman, Grand Strategikon and Excruciator-in-Chief of the Evil League of Evil, has crafted a suitably diabolical plan for the coming Feast of the God-Emperor's Ascension on January 20th:
Now think about that, for a bit. As I began, quoting Jean Raspail, the left is humorless and grim. They cannot take a joke. Indeed, they have only one joke: “He’s stupid,” as they have only one insult, “you’re stupid.” (Why is that? Well…it’s because they’re rather stupid, really. Exceptions are just that, exceptional.) We can provoke them at will, easily, any time we like. 
Moreover, the more we do provoke them, for the next four years, provided we do so with humor, hence the more we can get them to act like the fascisti they are, the more likely it is that the Democrats cannot return to power, because social justice is now at the core of their base, so much the core, in fact, that they cannot repudiate it. White men? Hell, white people? Pretty much gone now, and apparently not broadly welcome to return. 
That’s how we got Trump elected, really, that working class whites – and not inconsequential numbers of high quality blacks and Hispanics, too, be it noted – got tired of being ignored, except to be disadvantaged, and tired of being insulted. That’s why we’re in control of both House and Senate. That’s why we have a fairly hefty majority of state governorships. And that, o, most blessedly, is why we, not the left, are going to set the immediate tone for the Supreme Court and quite possibly create a supermajority within it that will last generations. [I do believe that the Marines have the correct response to this one: "OOH-RAH!!!"]
But to make absolutely sure of that, to save the country, we need to keep the left out of power not merely through 2020, but all the way to 2024 and maybe beyond. 
To that end I propose the following highly amusing program. I am going to drop a line to every right wing pundit I can think of, from Ann Coulter to Rush Limbaugh, referencing this column and suggesting that we should greet the ascension of Donald Trump to the oval office, this 20th of January, by flooding the internet, the airwaves, and the legacy media with the old but still fun meme.
Friends, memelords, brothers in arms: you know what to do. Ready your harpoons and tow cables- go for the legs!

Oh... er... sorry, wrong sci-fi canon there. But there is no denying that much of the Left's base now looks very much like Trigglypuff.

And, as the lovely Spacebunny Day once said:

After all, if they insist on being such colossal fatties, then they shouldn't be surprised when the rest of us reject them, and their bastard hellspawn of an ideology, precisely as they deserve.

Now, as for the meme in question, here is the image (though of course you could just as easily find it yourself):

As for you SJWs- not that any of you are reading this, but in case you stumble across this by accident:

How are you dipshits. All your base are belong to Trump. You are on the way to destruction. You have no chance to survive make your time. Ha ha ha.

Dear Lord Almighty, but the next 4 years are going to be so much fun...


  1. Kratman's idea makes me nearly giggle in an otherwise unmanly manner just thinking about it and the chaos it would cause, the glorious exploded heads...

    I even found a nice variant and dressed it with the appropriate caption

    1. Yes, that version is definitely better.

      Come the 20th, it'll be time to start flooding the comment sections of various libprog sites with that image.


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