Operation Linebacker III

Gents, remember LTC Kratman's column from January 2nd, in which he exhorted us to start saturation-bombing as many libtard websites as possible with that wonderful AYBABTU meme at the start of the God-Emperor's term as President?

Well, fellow shitlords, D-Day is upon us. Time to earn our daily bread.

Call it whatever you want- my original term for it was going to be "Operation Harpoon", but now I'm going to call it "Operation Linebacker III", in homage to the two carpet-bombing campaigns that the Nixon Administration launched in 1972.

My choice of name is highly deliberate. The original Linebacker operations were brutal, but they were also highly effective at degrading and destroying the North Vietnamese infrastructure. More importantly, they broke the DRV's will to fight to the extent that its leaders in Hanoi realised that they had to come back to the negotiating table.

Today's campaign serves a similar purpose. The goal is to do exactly what the memelords of #Gamergate did to the lying games media: break their will to fight, demoralise them, crush their spirits.

They're already well on the way to those outcomes. The defeat that they suffered with the election of the God-Emperor was, to their delicate and fragile psyches, absolutely devastating.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it- and knowing you lot of bloodthirsty loonies, you jolly well will- is to visit every left-wing news site, blog, media aggregator, and slime-pit that you can, and leave in the comments section at least one of the following images:

You have your orders. We march to war for the God-Emperor. We are his Angels of Death. And we shall know no fear!

And now, for some appropriate marching songs to help us get into the right frame of mind- appropriately book-ended by two IRON MAIDEN classics:


  1. You have seen the new video, right? It's linked on my column, a special, put out this morning.

    1. Seen it, laughed my ass off at it, and then proceeded to use it to carpet-bomb multiple comment sections. Including at The Carlos Slim Blog, sir.

      Much butthurt I sense in them today.


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