Mood music

Given the events of the last couple of months, and the resulting upending of the "established order", I think it's well past time that we introduced some classic GAMMA RAY songs that suit the times just perfectly, don't you?

First up: "Rebellion in Dreamland" from Land of the Free

The acoustic version from Skeletons & Majesties is also superb:

And so too is the live version:

Next up: the title track from the same album (the lyrics of which are a little ironic given the God-Emperor's wonderful slogan, "BUILD THAT WALL!!!")

And then there is the "sequel" of sorts to "Rebellion in Dreamland", appropriately titled "Insurrection" from Land of the Free Pt. 2:

And of course, from the Powerplant album- one of the best albums ever recorded, by the way- we have "Gardens of the Sinner:

And finally, "Dethrone Tyranny" from No World Order!:

As should be self-evident by now, I do in fact have exquisite taste in music- especially when it comes to songs directly suited to celebrating the way that the God-Emperor has set about utterly destroying the legacy of his predecessor!


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