Friday T&A: Quello Che Un Bel Sorriso Edition

A little over ten years ago, the first in the current series of darker, grittier, more "realistic" (read: less fun) James Bond films starring Daniel Craig was released. Most of you will remember Casino Royale.

Now, the thing is, I actually really rather liked that first film. (I also quite liked the one after it, which simply shows that while my taste in music is unquestionably SUPERB, my taste in films is probably a bit less so.)

A big part of the reason why I liked that first film had to do with the appearance of a woman who was credited as "Solange Dimitrios", and who was played by a certain Italian actress by the name of Caterina Murino.

This is what she looked like in that film:

I pretty much stopped paying attention to the movie itself for a few minutes after I saw her, because I couldn't hear the dialogue over the sound of my jaw hitting the floor.

Turns out, she's actually managed to keep (most of) her looks in the ten years since. And, as the title of this post implies, it's her smile that keeps her radiant and lovely.

Her amazing figure doesn't hurt either.


  1. Bro, you got it all backwards. It's not fat girl jihad. It's jihad against fat girls. Fat girl jihad is what happened when all those fat cunts got their shit stained panties in a bunch when the "Are You Beach Body Ready?" advertisement was put up. Just sayin'.

    1. That is all semantics, in my view. I started up this weekly series in large part because I want to show men what the world would be like if all of the fatties, land whales, and feminists were shamed into not being disgusting slobs anymore.

      The world would be filled with far greater beauty, far more epic boobs and round arses, and far less vomit induced by seeing a fatass in fishnets with short flame-red hair and tattoos loudly proclaiming that "all bodies are beautiful" or some such bilge.

      Fat ugly unhappy women everywhere should read these articles and realise that joy and sunshine and the ardent love of good men could be theirs, if only they'd put down the ice cream and pizzas and burn their copies of The Feminine Mystique.

      And of course I put these photos up to make my fellow men happy.

      It's all a public service on my part, you see. I really should be awarded a medal for my epic efforts to make both men and women happy, dontcha know...


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