Friday T&A: Make Air-travel Great Again Edition

I hate traveling. The absolute worst part about "going home" is the "going" part. For me, it requires two flights and nearly 25 hours of travel time, door to door. It is, quite simply, miserable and I truly hate the trip. (I hasten to add that what awaits me on the other end of that trip makes it worthwhile.)

And now I have to make the trip in the other direction in a few hours. Which is going to blow. And not in the fun way that a certain rather fetching young Italian lady promised if her compatriots voted "NO" in her country's recent referendum.

So, to make the arduous journey a little bit more pleasant- and, of course, to brighten up the Friday nights of my faithful readers, all 7.3 of you- I decided to go hunting for some pictures of hot women in skimpy outfits and exotic locations.

You're welcome. Now go enjoy your Friday night while I spend mine sleepless and miserable blasting through the sky in a pressurised metal tube at 35,000 feet that smells of stale farts and B/O.

The first two are from the Daily Mail, the rest are from

Kelly Brook - yes, this lass has more boobs than brains, but are you really going to complain?

Chloe Khan (no idea who she is):

And now for a random assortment of hot women posing as stewardesses. (Is the politically correct term "flight attendants" now? I never could figure that one out.)


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