Didact's Booklist 2016


  1. Damn - I remember when my annual reading used to look like that.

    Obviously, I've got work to do. The stuff I recognize is damn good. Also, Portal Wars - I'm torn. Good story, interesting characters, good logic in the setup and how it plays out with allowances for artistic theater, but, especially in the audiobook, I got so... tired... of.. the ... constant... angst... and... self... recrimination....

    also a lot of tell, and then show, and vice versa.

    Yet, it held my interest despite those flaws.

    Haven't read any Kloos yet, as I keep picking up other stuff. I hear it's good but - even though I haven't put him on the never-read list - I'm not making it the priority that a new Larry C, Wright, John Ringo, or Rolf book would (dammit, I want the sequel to the Stars Came Back)

    1. I've still got nothing on Vox, though. That guy reads like three or four books every week- on top of all the other stuff he's doing. He really is the Supreme Dark Lord.

      Portal Wars was definitely a great series, but Jay Allan's writing can get a little redundant after a while. His heroes are always pretty much cut from the same cloth with only minor variations between them; his villains are always evil psychopaths, even the robotic ones. The reason I keep reading his work is because, even though it gets a little repetitive, he still knows how to craft a hell of a great story.

      Marko Kloos's work is quite good, but I personally rank Jay Allan, John Ringo, and of course LTC Tom Kratman far higher in terms of their ability to write both characters and stories. The latest Frontlines books are nowhere near as good as the original.

  2. a little repetitive? Master of understatement sir.

    That said, as we both noted, it still keeps sucking us back in.


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