Bitch gets bitchslapped

The God-Emperor Ascendant just gave the world an absolute masterclass in how to handle the legacy news media:


Of course, we know that The Donald knows how to handle the media. He has proven it over and over again. What he has shown us, though, indicates that he will be far less tolerant of their stupidity and nonsense than, say, George W. Bush, the last Demoblican Republicrat President from the Stupid Wing of the One Party of Big Government to occupy the White House.

And that is a very good thing indeed.

The problem with President Bush's handling of the media was that, basically, he never fought back. I may not have particularly liked President Bush- he was one of the most progressive (read: bad) Presidents this country has ever had. But I respected him. I believe that he was a fundamentally good and decent man trying to do what he thought was the right thing in a bad and indecent time. Most of the time, he failed, because his worldview gave him a mental model that did not accurately reflect reality.

Of course, because he was a straight white and supposedly conservative male, he was Public Enemy #1 as far as the fake news media went. And they went after him with a level of viciousness and venom that, in hindsight, was quite astonishing.

President Bush made the same fatal mistake that all cuckservatives make: he tried to be honourable and play nice. He thought that his enemies would play by the same rules that he did. And he was completely, totally, hopelessly wrong.

He did not realise that he was not dealing with regular progressives. As noxious and odious as their ideology is, most progressives are still, by and large, fairly decent people. They may be utterly deluded and incapable of seeing reality for what it is- they have a highly defective mental model, by definition. But they mean well (which is about the best thing that can be said about them).

In fact, he was dealing with social justice warriors. And back when he was President, there did not exist a straightforward, well-written, concise, and easily understood taxonomy of social justice warriors. (We do have one now, and it is essential reading.)

SJWs are not bound by the same rules of honourable combat that we are- or rather, that we used to be. They will use whatever methods they deem necessary to achieve their objectives- no matter how foul, immoral, disgusting, or evil. They are very good at it; their tactics are terrifyingly effective and extremely destructive when used to its maximum effect.

The "SJW Swarm" depends on overwhelming numbers, speed, intimidation, and the highly precise targeting of vulnerable points. There are times when I think that some of these SJW hate-mobs could have given the old Sturmtruppen of the Wehrmacht a few key lessons on the subject of double-envelopment manoeuvres.

But they pretty much have only one tactic- and its effectiveness relies solely on the sheer terror that it inspires in its target.

The moment that they run into a hardened target without the usual vulnerabilities, who is willing and able and ready to fight back, they immediately run out of ideas.

And as Trump-Muad'dib has repeatedly and ably demonstrated during his campaign and ever since he won the election, the SJWs of the fake-news media cannot handle it when their targets decide to fight back.

The Donald is doing rather more than just fighting back, in fact. He is winning- and winning big. He is taking the fight directly to his enemies- and they are now running in disarray, unable to fight back. It's glorious to watch.

After thirty long and terrible years, America once again FINALLY has a President Badass in charge, who knows exactly how to fight a war against Enemies Foreign And Domestic.

Godspeed, President Trump. The next few years are going to be EPIC.


  1. I think there always were SOME ideiological purists who'd exclude and scream, but the massive swarms are a new thing

  2. They should donate the previous article's Chain Sword to Donald Trump in eight days... It will go great with his god emperor power armor.


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