Watch the losers run to their safe spaces

The latest season of my favourite family TV show, Last Man Standing, is currently running. (Hard to believe that it's been going strong for six years- and is getting better with every passing year.) In one of the newest episodes, the show's central character, Mike Baxter, played as a manly man of righteous manliness by really-for-real conservative Tim Allen, has to deliver a speech at his second daughter's university.

Not surprisingly, his insistence on speaking plain English to a bunch of coddled, whiny crybabies- you and I used to know them as "university students"- doesn't go down well:

(Can I just say- am I the only one paying as much attention what is going on with Molly Ephraim's rack as I am with her mouth? Just sayin'- she's by far the cutest girl on that show. Hard to believe she's about my age, too.)

The funniest and sharpest comedy is, of course, always rooted in reality. And the sad reality is that the modern university campus is pretty much the most hostile environment that one can find today for free speech.

As is virtually always the case with progressives, they have made things progressively worse, so to speak (see what I did there?), when it comes to freedom of thought and expression. This is ostensibly to avoid "hurting people's feelings", but is in reality a very clear and overt attempt to shut down all possible criticism of the Left's cultural Marxist agenda.

Cultural Marxism, being as it is the bastard hellspawn of economic Marxism, has two extremely effective weapons at its disposal for squashing dissent.

The first weapon is control over language. One of the reasons why economic Marxism was initially so successful as a meme, despite being an absolutely abysmal failure as an actual set of economic policies, is because the core philosophy of Marxism was, essentially, totally incomprehensible.

When you control language, you greatly undermine the ability of your critics to, well, criticise- because you control the very definitions that they are attempting to attack. That is why Marxists were able to get away with so many blatantly stupid ideas.

When Ludwig von Mises proved, beyond the palest shadow of doubt, that economic calculation in the socialist commonwealth was literally impossible because of the lack of any valid price mechanisms, Marxists blithely redefined the very idea of "prices" to come up with a nonsensical notion of "theoretical prices" to facilitate production. As was often the case, von Mises foresaw the collapse of the Soviet Union's economy decades before the fact, but his criticisms were rarely taken seriously because Marxists could always defend themselves by redefining the battlefield.

The second weapon is, and has always been, outright intimidation of their enemies. This is something that Marxists, of both the economic and cultural stripes, do very well indeed.

When they don't get their way, they simply bully until they do get it. They use intimidation, psychological oppression, and outright physical violence to get what they want- which is one of the reasons why arguing with a cultural Marxist, an SJW, or a typical university student is an exercise in futility.

There is only one way to fight back against Marxists, of any kind- with actions, not with reason.

The Soviet empire was economically ruined for decades until it finally died, but it didn't actually die until someone with enough balls to kill it stepped up to the plate and forced it to die out. Ronald Reagan did that by refusing to tolerate Soviet aggression any further, by crippling them with sanctions on their precious natural resources, and by aggressively and vigourously confronting their evil ideology on every possible battlefield.

The modern battlefield of ideas is one which we of the alt-Right must conquer. If we make the same mistake that conservatives have historically made in being polite and acceding to honourable defeat, then we will fail just as they have.

But we won't, because the alt-Right's philosophy is not defensive in nature. It is aggressively offensive, in every possible way.

Which brings us right back to Tim Allen's character, good old Mike Baxter (who, as it turns out, isn't that far removed from Tim Allen's actual personality).

The way to win against these shrieking diseased rabid poltroons isn't by reasoning with them. It's by shouting at them. (This is also how one wins a war with the French, of course- but then, the French are socialists so that's not surprising.)

We win by taking the fight straight to them, as the alt-Right has been doing for all of 2016 and will continue to do in the future. And we're winning the war, much to the utter horror of our enemies, because we're not taking their threats and their violence lying down.

We'll win by offending the crap out of these idiots. We'll win by out-memeing them, by humiliating them, by mocking them mercilessly until they scream and cry for mercy- and then, we won't give it to them.

After all, they won't give us any quarter. Why should they expect any in return?


  1. The time for nice debates and cucked discussions is long over.

    1. Time to go all Khornate Berzerker on their sad pathetic carcasses- KILL! MAIM! BURN!!!


  2. Now I HAVE to watch that show.

    And also, OK. She's cute.

    1. It's a terrific show- full of actual family values instead of what leftists would like to believe a family would look like. (*cough Modern Family cough*)

      And yeah, she's very cute.


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