"The whizzing sound of that bullet that we just dodged"

Aside from mixing up Leon Panetta and John Podesta somewhere in there- and, let's be honest, given the sheer venality, vindictiveness, and the utterly despicable nature of most of the people closely involved with the Clintons, it's hard to really blame him too much for that mixup- Bill Whittle's latest video on the Hilldebeast's sad, pathetic attempts to derail the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension (those of you who aren't Warhammer 40K nerds will simply call it "the Presidential Inauguration") is one for the ages:

He has some rather uncharitable things to say about the Bitch at the end- though not, as you can perhaps imagine, even half as nasty as what someone like me would say about her.

But he's not wrong.

If anything, he's understating just how freakin' close we all came to seeing everything we love come undone.

The fact is that the entire Western world just experienced a heart-stoppingly close near-miss. While the actual election result itself wasn't close at all- it was, in fact, a true TRUMPSLIDE- the feeling among us in the alt-Right was that we were in the fight of our lives.

This was particularly true in the last month or so of the race, when the avalanche of negative press coverage about the God-Emperor grew to truly mythic proportions. It was easy to think, at the time- as I did at certain points- that there was simply no way that The Donald could win.

By the time we actually go to decision day, things appeared to have stabilised to the point where I suspected and indeed hoped that he would win. And that is what came to pass. But for a while there, it looked very grim indeed.

And for people like us, that grim realisation focused our minds upon the likely, and devastating, consequences of such a loss.

We knew that if the God-Emperor lost to the forces of Chaos on November 8th, we would have suffered a massive defeat. Our values, our ideals, our entire defence of Western civilisation and all of the good that it brings, would have been forced underground once more.

We knew that one of the first things the Rottenmuncher would do upon finally grasping the reins of ultimate power would be to mercilessly hunt down and eliminate, as far as possible, every possible voice of dissent and source of resistance to her hyper-progressive agenda.

I'm not for one moment suggesting that the God-Emperor is in fact our saviour. He isn't. His election has merely bought us a slight reprieve, a little breathing room, thanks to the mercy and grace of Almighty God.

The Lord gave us yet another chance to save ourselves from plunging headlong into the abyss, and it is perfectly clear- to me, at least- that He is shaking His head at us sternly with a final admonition: "For My sake and yours, don't blow it this time!!!".

For the fact is, if we do indeed blow it, and the American people do in fact go back to their usual torpor, apathy, and indifference, then everything that the West stands for will fall into ruin.

Everything that our forefathers built, all of the good that was done by all the countless millions of men who fought and bled and sacrificed for us, all of the wonderful luxuries that our Western way of life has given us- all of it is now at stake.

We live as we do in the West because we literally stand on the shoulders of giants- who would be absolutely mortified with shame to see what we, their descendants, have done to their precious legacy.

It may seem mildly ridiculous to talk about a single election in the US as though it has civilisational consequences- not least because, well, that's exactly how every American Presidential election is treated. It becomes TEH MOST IMPORTANTEST ELEKSHUN EVAR!!! (Sorry, I know, I sound like a retard- or a Millennial hipster, which is the same thing.)

Yet, this year, it actually was important.

Americans were offered a very clear choice. They were asked to choose between the status quo, which would have seen their nation and their civilisation fall into ruin because the same stupid mistakes that got them into their current pickle would have continued to happen- or a new way, one that takes deep pride in who and what Americans of all races and colours are, but which acknowledges, however tacitly, that white Americans are the backbone of the nation and its civilisation.

Thank God that America chose as it did- which is exactly what I have been doing every day since November 9th.

I thank God that He, through you, gave these United States of America yet another chance to redeem and rebuild itself. The country and the people that I love were given one more opportunity- probably the very last one- to save themselves.

I thank God that He still listens to you and me. Surely it would be easiest for Him to simply turn His back on us and treat us as the foolish stupid moronic children that we are- yet He does not, even now.

That bullet you just dodged is only one of a veritable hail of such things coming straight at all of us. The entire Western world, and its way of life, is under assault from both without and within. Our fight isn't over- it hasn't even really begun.

But now the resistance has started shooting back. And I have to say, it is a hell of a lot of fun to see the barbarians who have forced us to this point suddenly cowering in fear and ducking for cover. It's about damned time.

Donald Trump will not save us. He has only bought us some desperately needed respite from the relentless progressive assault on Western values and principles and provided a useful diversion for our enemies to focus upon. That is all.

The rest is up to us- and if we fail this time, that bullet we just dodged will very soon be followed by cannonballs and mortar shells raining down around us. The barbarians are not just at the gates, they are among us, here, now, and they are not interested in making peace or preserving civilisation.

They just took a tremendous kick in the teeth, but they are not gone, and they are most certainly not forgiving.

If we cock it up this time, there won't be another chance. At that point, it will truly be game over.


  1. I do have to disagree with Bill's last statement.

    We didn't dodge a bullet - We dodged a nuke.


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