The price of female freedom

The New York Times The Carlos Slim Blog Pravda published what they call an "op-doc", which I suppose is Millennial hipster talk for "first-person documentary", a few years back featuring a 35-year-old single Argentinian Jewess and explored the question of what a woman over 30 faces in the modern dating market.

Here's the video itself:

It is pretty good- right up until the last 2 minutes, where it goes completely Disney on us and talks about how the woman in question is all about being happy on her own.

It's the usual feminist bullshit about how "I don't need no MAN to be happy!!!"- which one might have an easier time believing if the entire video until that point had not been about how empty and desolate the woman in question feels when she sees all of her friends getting married, settling down, and having children.

But that's to be expected. It's Pravda that produced the video, after all- God forbid that Satan's mouthpiece ever told the truth behind the epic lies of third-wave feminism!

Those of us who aren't fooled by such things should pay rather more attention to what the young lady in that video actually does. After all, one should never be fooled into thinking that what a woman says has any connection to what she does.

As the documentary short makes clear, this woman had a series of deeply passionate relationships where she fell head-over-heels for various guys- precisely none of whom met her highly exacting criteria for a husband, and precisely none of whom would "put a ring on it".

And you know what? Looking at her, listening to her, I'm not the slightest bit surprised.

Take a look at her. More specifically, take a look at her surroundings, and the way she lives her life.

Her apartment is a pig-sty*. Her lack of domestic skills is appalling- I could do better, and I'm a borderline barbarian. I don't pretend to be a particularly organised chap, my apartment definitely has a "lived-in" look, but it doesn't look like a damn bomb shelter.

She had hit the wall, hard- you can see it right there in the video. At her high-school graduation at the age of 18, she is a solid 8, no qualifications required. Seventeen years later, her natural looks have degraded rapidly and she is at best a 6.5- and that's if you squint hard.

Despite all of her flaws, though, I commend her for presenting a hard, sober look at the very real price that women pay for constantly holding out for "Mr. Right".

The fact is that most young women these days, at least in the Anglosphere, are not being told a very important fact: the longer they delay "gittin' hitched", settling down, marrying, and having children, the more abrupt and painful will be the inevitable reckoning day that comes for all women eventually.

It is a fundamental, axiomatic truth that men and women do not age the same way; not for nothing has it been written, only half-jokingly, that men age like wine, while women age like milk.

For women, their best years are between the ages of 18 and 30- and that is it. From the age of 30, a woman's looks begin to deteriorate quite rapidly; it becomes much more difficult for her to control her weight and appetites; her fertility drops precipitously; her ability to bear fully healthy children declines just as fast.

By far the most devastating consequence of this loss of youth and beauty is the fact that, just as women begin to lose their value, men begin to gain in ours.

For men, the years between 18 and 30 are often filled with suffering and hardship. Those of us who are not naturally gregarious or sociable find it extremely hard to make friends and find dates. Our time is often consumed by work and the daily struggle to simply get by. Our finances are weak and our relative status is poor as a result.

But from the age of 30 onward, things rapidly begin improving for us.

By that point, if we haven't done anything particularly idiotic, we will have built up a pool of savings and wealth. Our careers are beginning to take off as our hard work, experience, knowledge, and savvy start to manifest in ways that make us valuable to our employers and clients.

The reality that far too many single career women over the age of 30 refuse to confront is that they have wasted the best years of their lives in hedonistic pursuit of pleasure and wealth. Their attempts to rationalise their decisions by talking about "actualisation" and "embracing themselves" are pure horseshit.

There are good women out there, even at the age of 35. But the harsh fact is that they cannot compare to their younger selves.

And that is precisely the heart of their problem. The very men that they most desire, who are around their age and have already started seeing giant leaps in their socio-sexual status after reaching the age of thirty, no longer desire them.

Why, indeed, should they? Any reasonably strong, fit, fiscally sensible man who can keep his big head in charge of his little head- which, again, becomes easier with every year that a man spends over the age of 30- has pretty much everything he needs to get out there and find young, pretty, sexy 25-year-olds to bed and marry.

Quite simply, men and women fight very different battles.

A man fights against the man that we could have been. But for a man, time is his ally in that fight; our value improves with time as long as we stay dedicated to ourselves and our missions.

A woman, however, fights against the woman that she was. And for her, time is her enemy. With every passing year, the gap between who she is today, and who she was at the peak of her youth, beauty, fertility, and femininity, yawns wider- and grows exponentially faster with every year over the age of 35.

The gift of women is precious beyond value, for women are the only ones who can propagate and carry human life. But, like all of the best things in life, there is an ultimate cost attached to this perfect value, which is that the very things which make a woman most suited to create and carry life- youth, beauty, and fertility- are subject to hard biological constraints.

Let that video above serve as a harsh and abject lesson to your girlfriends, daughters, and sisters. Do not let them waste the best years of their lives chasing impossible epic romances by kissing (and, of course, screwing) every frog that comes their way in the hopes of finding their Prince Charming.

Instead, teach them to save themselves for a good and decent man who will look after them, protect them, and provide them with a stable and honourable future.

Asking or requiring any Western-raised woman to practice such restraint is, for the most part, asking the impossible. Believe me, I know- I've had similar arguments with my sister in the past, and they haven't gone well. But this is also the only way to avoid letting such a woman run face-first into the future depicted in the video up there- or the one down here.

*Actually, that is an insult to pigs. Livestock swine do not have sweat glands and are in fact fastidiously clean, highly intelligent, and exceptionally fast animals.


  1. One exception; the wife was, at 16, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was better looking at 17, when I married her. And she got progressively better looking for the next 27-28 years. Then she stabilized for five or so and has been aging a bit since then. She's not the only woman I've ever seen who looked better at 45 than 25, but I agree it is a rare thing.

    1. Having seen the pictures of your wife at your website, sir, I can well believe it. But it is, as you say, an extremely rare woman with highly unusual genetics that can achieve this.

  2. Amazing how often they put out stories, video, etc. where what they say doesn't align with what they show


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