The cynicism bites deep

In his election night broadcast, Bill Whittle mentioned toward the end of his highly entertaining, if somewhat rambling, God-Emperor Victory speech that he had very recently gotten engaged. He promised to follow up on that and introduce his fans to his fiance, and on December 13th, that's exactly what he did:

Our Billy's gittin' hitched, boys...

Congratulations to him, first and foremost. Let me start what is probably going to come across as a very negative post by saying that I really do wish Bill and Natasha all possible happiness. I have watched Bill Whittle's videos for many years and I admire him immensely. He is perhaps the most articulate and gifted representative of grassroots conservatism and common-sense American principles that I have ever seen.

Based on what I'm seeing in that video, I also think highly of his future wife. Ms. Natasha is a very beautiful, soft-spoken, gentle-looking woman whose features completely lack the hard bitterness that you often find on women her age in America. She appears to be a serene, nurturing woman whose interests lie in making her man as happy as possible- and it looks like she's doing a pretty damn good job.

She seems really quite lovely and I wish her and her future husband every possible happiness.

(Just how lovely she is takes seeing to believe, actually. I don't know what they put in the water in western Russia and Ukraine, but whatever it is, they should bottle and sell it here in the US. Eastern Europe has a reputation for being host to some of the most beautiful women in the world, and as far as I can tell, that reputation is thoroughly deserved.)

Despite that, however, I have to admit that there is a rather loud voice in my head that says that Bill needs to be really, really careful with himself now. And, honestly, I wish it wasn't there. But it is, and I have to listen to it.

I am not particularly proud to say that when Ms. Melnikova said somewhere in that video that when she saw Bill and knew that she had found her man, I simply started laughing- because the cynic deep within me finds it extremely hard to take something like that at face value.

I am also not terribly proud to admit that, when Bill revealed that he had proposed to Ms. Melnikova within, like, 2 weeks of meeting her in person for the first time, the very first thing that came to mind was that old truism, "marry in haste, repent at leisure".

And when they revealed that Ms. Melnikova is now in the process of getting cleared through USCIS for a spouse visa and so on, well, my reaction was something along the lines of, "brace brace brace".

Why am I so deeply cynical about the prospects of a happy marriage for these two? When I myself come from a very stable family, with parents who have been happily married for nearly 37 years? When I have repeatedly written that I do think that monogamous marriage makes sense and is worth the immense amount of effort and trouble that it takes to maintain such an arrangement?

I am cynical because that is what happens when you wake up and (to use what is by now a rather worn-out cliche) "take the red pill". When you realise and accept the true nature of most people, it is hard not to be deeply cynical about romantic fairy tales like that one- for the precise reason that you stop believing in fairy tales.

I would like to believe in Disney stories and fairy tales. But I can't. Not anymore.

Four things make me think that this particular story could have a very, very unhappy ending.

First, Bill made the decision to marry Ms. Melnikova very quickly- which rarely works out well and is never without problems. He is making the classic mistake of succumbing to what Blackdragon calls "NRE"- new relationship energy.

This is the most dangerous possible phase of a relationship precisely because it is the phase in which a man's ability to think with his big head is severely impaired or even completely shut down.

It's great while it lasts, but making big life decisions while under its influence is a truly terrible idea.

The reason for this is that men are (normally) more rational than women, as a rule. We think based on logic and reason, not emotion. (Or so we'd like to tell ourselves- for the most part, though, it's true.) As a result we are generally better at handling "the big stuff"- major financial decisions, building businesses, planning for the very long term, that sort of thing.

The moment that our ability to think and plan for the long run gets shut down, we start making very stupid decisions very easily. And nowhere are those decisions more potentially dangerous and costly than when women are involved.

One rather good recent example of the results of making big life decisions while under major NRE would be Rich Piana's recent divorce

Like Bill, Rich found himself looking at a beautiful younger woman who had clearly expressed great interest in him. Like Bill, he fell, hard, for a woman who seemed to be everything he wanted in a girl. Like Bill, he got hitched within less than 3 months of meeting her.

Now, while there are similarities between these two cases, there are more than a few differences. Ms. Melnikova is not some gold-digger in her mid-twenties with a surgically-enhanced bust who is clearly just looking for a sugar daddy. She doesn't appear to be an attention whore interested only in Instagram likes generated by showing off her physique.

But she is still a foreign woman come lately to America, getting married to an American man in an awfully big hurry.

The cynic in me has a hard time taking at face value a foreign woman marrying an American man out of... I dunno, love or whatever, instead of naked self-interest. I've seen similar things happen a few times; usually, they haven't ended well.

Second, Bill lives in California. And that, right there, should make any right-thinking man's blood run cold.

California is where the entire ridiculous concept of no-fault divorce started- thanks in large part, unfortunately, to the very man that both Bill and I revere: Ronald Wilson Reagan (or as I call him, President BAMF).

Now, statistics on divorce rates are notoriously spotty and untrustworthy- there is good reason to think that the much-ballyhooed "50% divorce rate in the West" is severely overblown and the real rate of divorce is much lower- but we can conclude with reasonable accuracy that the overall divorce rate in the US is about 3.4 per 1,000 people (as of 2010).

The problem with figuring out California's divorce rate is that the data for that state are very spotty; the same WSJ dataset that revealed the nationwide divorce rate to be roughly 3.4/1,000 does not have data for CA at all.

But, given that CA is the home of no-fault divorce, and given how easy it is to file for divorce there (and thereby let a woman legally yank a man's genitals out through his wallet), I expect it to be much higher than the national average.

All of this means that any man getting married in California is betting his hat, ass, spats, and a huge amount of very wishful thinking that whatever woman he marries is, indeed, The One.

God help him if he gets it wrong.

Third... I really didn't want to write this, but I have to call it as I see it...

Bill's behaviour in that video above is a classic Beta-male reaction to being in twoo wove.

It isn't particularly severe, thank God- clearly Bill's somewhat curmudgeonly conservative tendencies have allowed him to keep his head on his shoulders, more or less- but it's certainly there. His body language is still strongly masculine, he's still clearly in charge of himself and his woman, and he isn't supplicating to her.

But he is putting her on a pedestal- a really damn big one.

And that is what worries me. Ms. Melnikova appears to be very feminine and very sweet- but she is still a woman. If Bill lets himself get sidetracked into putting his woman before his mission, he is going to be in for a world of trouble in a few years' time- or less.

And fourth, Ms. Melnikova is moving from a country that has spent the last twenty years becoming a post-feminist society, where women are expected and in many cases required to get married by the age of 25, to an actual feminist society that is rapidly going to pot.

As Roosh hammered home more than three years ago, water takes the shape of the container it fills. Many men before Bill have brought kind, family-oriented, gentle, nurturing women from strongly patriarchal cultures to the USA and found themselves standing in divorce court ten years later facing the total destruction of everything that they held dear- all because their wives became unhaaaaappy and wanted out.

The disease of American popular culture infects easily, and once that infection takes hold, it is devastating. Any man who thinks he can simply ignore this problem is a fool.

I honestly didn't want to write this post. I didn't want to cast doubt upon the marriage of a man whom I respect and admire greatly and for whom I wish every possible happiness.

So I suppose I should point out two very positive things about Bill's marriage here.

Firstly, Bill is taking a risk- and I have no doubt that he knows it. Well, so what? That is what men are supposed to do. If we do not take risks, we do not grow and mature as men.

Bill has taken plenty of risks in his life. He's 57 years old, he's made some good money, he's built his own business and he's delivered tremendous value to tens of thousands of people throughout America and around the world. As long as he doesn't do anything really stupid (like getting married without an ironclad prenup), he should be okay.

Second, as we of the alt-Right have consistently maintained, the future belongs to those who show up for it. Refusing to get married is fine, up to a point- but the fact remains that the best way to raise children is within stable, two-parent households (though one could argue that monogamy is not a strictly necessary condition for this).

The fact remains that stable, thriving homogeneous white communities do not happen by accident; they happen when married couples with shared values, beliefs, and ideals build them.

That is what Bill and his future wife have a chance to be a part of. I hope that they succeed.

In closing, it is not often that I find myself actually wanting to be proven wrong, but in this case, I really do. I want Bill and his new wife to be as happy as two people who love and accept each other can possibly be. I want them to grow old together in a stable and prosperous relationship, in fear of God and with Him above them. I truly do wish them every possible success and happiness.

But the cynicism that has become second nature by now is hard to shake. And I cannot turn away from the fact that this bothers me within the very core of my being.


  1. Check out my post on the real divorce rates.

    In a nutshell, according to the CDC's own statistics: there is only a 6.6% chance that a first marriage will survive 10 years. That's a 93.4% chance that it will fail within 10 years.

  2. Interesting, I see that my blog has been censored. Probably too out-there or been labeled as a hate-site by the liberal-left at Google. I will have to look into different options.

    1. Strange. I was able to access the post just fine. Good post, too.

    2. Turned out that someone had been updating themes across Blogger - my theme was borked. Switched to another theme and fixed it.

  3. Ummm...asked the then 16 year old not-yet-wife to marry me three days after I met her. We were married 7 months after that. We'll have been married 38 years in January.

    Short version; when you know, you know.

    1. I would like to believe that this holds true in this day and age, sir. I really would.

      I know that this was possible in the past. Your example, and that of my own parents, and that of my father's sister, prove this. But back then, the sacrament of marriage as an oath sworn between two people before God still held force and power.

      But I find it hard to believe in such things these days. What with the culture in the disastrous state that it's in, and the withering of the concept of the extended family, the permanence of marriage and the willingness of both parties to work through their problems as a team has disappeared.

      I do hope that I am wrong and that Bill and his future wife- and all others like them- are happy with each other to the end of their time on this Earth. I really do. But such things are now the rare exception, not the norm.

    2. Yes, and with the particular demoralization - in this case meaning the stripping away of morals - of east Europeans by communism it is tougher. I merely point out that it is not impossible. And that we ought to remember that Bill is a remarkably rational guy and a very bright one. He may just know what he's doing.

  4. I do not have to watch the video to know that he is doomed. The simple fact that he made a video at all about his bride to be speaks volumes. And with her in it. Dear Lord.

  5. Not sure who this guy is. Cuck? Alt-Lite?


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