Super Mario Marriage

Some enterprising chaps with mad programming "skillz" (and probably far too much time on their hands) decided to have a go at creating a video-game depiction of modern marriage. It's a right hoot, it is:

I don't necessarily agree with everything in there. As I have said, repeatedly, it is possible for a man to have a strong, happy, monogamous marriage with a good woman. It is just that, these days, it is extraordinarily difficult to do.

That does not mean it is not worth doing. It simply means that we men need to be highly selective and as rational as possible in picking our future partners. We have to look at a very large range of criteria in picking out a future wife.

If that sounds like what women do, then this is not surprising. The realities of the modern sexual market have made this an absolute necessity. However, it is a reflection in the truest sense of the word.

Because men age very differently from women, our list of criteria for what we consider "wife material" grows more stringent over time- while for women, their criteria for what they consider "husband material" is forced to get weaker over the same time-span.

Modern women are faulted (correctly) for having an absurdly specific list of highly unreasonable expectations for the men that they date, screw, and marry- if indeed they ever get married. At the peak of a woman's beauty and fertility- which, of course, is also the height of her market value- then a woman can afford to be as picky as possible.

She has the market power to bargain for a man over 6 feet tall, with what I've heard several Singaporean women call "the 5 Cs"- cash, car, credit card, condo, club membership. A truly beautiful young woman can bargain for these things easily- because, from a man's point of view, she's worth it.

But once she goes over about the age of 28, her ability to command these things disappears very rapidly. Less than 5 years later, if she hasn't shrunk her expectations significantly, she is going to be in for a world of trouble in the dating market.

And, again, that is because men age very differently. As we get older, as long as we haven't done anything particularly stupid with our bodies, our finances, and our careers, our value begins to rise as rapidly as the value of the women that we used to pine for begins to decline.

The mistake that Western societies have made, and continue to make, lies in deceiving women about these basic facts of life.

Western culture continues to indoctrinate women into believing that they deserve the best in life- without pointing out the axiomatic fact that you do not deserve anything you do not earn. And that is a major reason why divorce culture has become so prevalent throughout the Western world.

(It is not the only reason, but it is assuredly a major factor.)

What you see in the video above is the result of unbridled female expectations that are not tempered with the sense that God gave a honey-badger to understand that a woman's value is fleeting, and that a man's value lasts much longer.

It is also the result of a society that has refused to reinforce the critical role that men play in both building and maintaining civilisation.

Civilised societies don't happen by accident. They come about because the best instincts of men, to build and explore and conquer, are harnessed to create stable and prosperous societies- and this happens fundamentally because men desire sexual access to women in order to propagate our genetic lines. The flip side of this bargain is that women provide the nurturing, restraining qualities needed to temper and control the worst instincts of men.

Without men, you cannot have civilisation- but you cannot have it without women either. Civilisation is the result of balance between masculine and feminine energies; tip too far in either direction, and anarchy, chaos, and war are the inevitable results.

Modern society has tipped way too far toward the feminine for way too long, which is the reason why it is in the utter shambles that we see today- and which is why that video-game version of what marriage looks like in the West hits so close to home.

Only by reclaiming the role of men as the builders (and destroyers) of civilisations, and the role of women as the tempering influence that makes men capable of sustaining civilisation, are we going to be able to reverse what is otherwise a certainly terminal decline.


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