Speaking of political correctness...

It's time to take a sledgehammer to it by offending everyone we possibly can, TOP GEAR style:

I couldn't stop laughing over the comments about that Mexican car. In case you're wondering, it's called the Mastretta MXT, and in TOP GEAR Series 19, Episode 3, the boys went to the US for a driving holiday and set themselves a final challenge during that trip which involved seeing who could get from southern California to the Mexican border the first.

The last one there had to road-test Mexico's first-ever homegrown  "performance" car.

The lads were understandably rather unhappy about that particular prospect, because of those very same comments that they made up there in that video, and the fact that Mexico these days is essentially where you go to get shot- with hot lead, not a flu vaccine.

Leave aside the fact that you'd have to be smoking some homegrown to think that a Mexican-made supercar would be any good- and by the way, it turns out that, actually, it isn't. When the Hamster road-tested it, he found that it had some "quality issues".

He very amusingly didn't go into too many details because, well, he didn't want to be beheaded by some Mexican cartel. Sensible choice, in my opinion.

He also pointed out that, despite the much-ballyhooed claim that this is the very first performance car ever produced entirely in Mexico without any real foreign input, the engine is in fact American.

As it happens, that is usually how things go. The moment you actually want real power, you need to go to the Americans, the Germans, the English, or the Japanese- because they know how to build and use it.

It is not a coincidence that all four of those nations once had, or still have, extensive physical and cultural empires. Imperialism, for all of its faults, actually does have a fair few things going for it.

Anyway, the point is, political correctness deserves to be roundly and thoroughly mocked. It isn't just stupid and useless- taken to extremes, as it has been taken for years, it kills people.

If Westerners, particularly the white Westerners who have let themselves be bamboozled by political correctness for the better part of fifty years by now, want to do just one thing to save their culture and society, they can start by dismantling the entire horrible edifice of political correctness.

The free exchange of ideas, satirical or otherwise, is critical to the growth and prosperity of a free society. Political correctness and thought control put strangleholds on freedom, ensuring that any society that succumbs to the siren call of wanting everyone to "just be nice to each other" will eventually kill itself off.


  1. Guy Kawasaki, in his book on driving the competition crazy, pointed out that Honda was actually an engine company.

    Then he went into how they managed to get in first with motorcycled, developed sales and distribution networks, THEN cars, then gradually improved those.

    Oh, and mowers, and....


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