Sod off, Jimbo

There was a time, back in the dim and distant mists of antiquity- say, around 2006 or so- when the converged social justice experiment formerly known as "Wikipedia" was in fact a useful and innovative repository of information that was growing by leaps and bounds. Back then, the idea of "the online encyclopaedia that anyone can edit" scared the crap out of the gatekeepers of such information, like the Encyclopaedia Britannica and Microsoft's old Encarta project. They called such an idea dangerous, because the information contained on such a site could not be easily verified and cross-checked.

In reality, they were simply terrified of the future, which they could see coming just as easily as Wikipedia could. Instead of paying (considerable amounts of) money to the gatekeepers of these repositories of information- a business model that the old encyclopaedia makers completely depended upon- the average man could just fire up a web browser and look up whatever he wanted, and then it would be up to him to decide whether he could trust the information gained thereof.

To the old guard, this was heresy- you couldn't have the masses being allowed to think for themselves! Why, the poor silly fools might start to realise that they were being lied to about a few things!

Wikipedia came along and changed all of that. And initially, at least, they did a pretty damn good job of upsetting the apple cart and then replacing it.

But now they are nothing more than a haven for social justice warriors who are ideologically driven to censor information, drive out dissent, and force everyone who uses and edits and works with Wikipedia to think the same way.

To hell with that. To hell with them.

So when Jimmy Wales and his team sent out a bunch of emails with cap in hand asking for donations, my response was, shall we say, a tad pointed.

In fact, here is my response in full:


When I made my donation in 2014, Wikipedia was already well on its way to becoming a fully social justice-converged organisation, more interested in thought-policing articles on controversial subjects like "anthropogenic global warming" than it was in actually serving its original function

Wikipedia can no longer credibly claim to be a true free encyclopaedia that anyone can edit if the final say on the content and presentation of the information is left in the hands of some 500-odd ideologically motivated editors who insist on imposing their views of reality upon the rest of us. 

I donated to Wikipedia in 2014 because at the time I believed in your mission and I thought that, despite a few hiccups, you were delivering upon a clear and powerful vision of a free online encyclopaedia. You have now failed in your mission by letting your organisation become fully converged.

You will never again see one cent donated from me to your organisation. You have lost sight of your purpose and vision. Wikipedia has become as ideologically driven, as hostile to new ideas and different points of view as the old gatekeepers of public knowledge that it was designed to replace.

From 2016 onward, I will be using InfoGalactic exclusively for my first source of public information- because they are actually interested in building out great infrastructure that actually works and can be built upon, and they are not going to censor or spin the information that I want to access.

I am one of the Original Galaxians, and I am proud to say that I am looking forward to the day that Wikipedia finally succumbs to its convergence and is replaced by InfoGalactic. 

Yours faithfully,


Good riddance, Wikipedia. It will be a great day indeed when the last stone from the last safe space is cast down upon the last social justice warrior.

And you and I will be there to see that day come.

The Alt-Tech Revolution is gaining momentum, brothers. The war for our culture is swinging in our favour. We are winning, and we will continue to win, by the grace of Almighty God, because we fight to restore His Law, while they cower in fear because all they had was near-total control of information, and now they are losing their grip.

They dreamed themselves to be our masters. They are finding out very quickly that they are in fact servants who reign.
You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We'll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we'll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.
-- Ronald Wilson Reagan, "A Time For Choosing", October 27th, 1964


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