On your feet and doff the hats, boys...

It's the unofficial anthem of the South playing:

I love that song- always have, from the very first time I heard it. It is a truly great anthem to the South and all that it stands for.

Unlike quite a lot of foreigners who live in the northeast, I do not have that reflexive contempt for "flyover country" that characterises so many Northrons. I honestly do not understand where that view comes from- but then, I didn't grow up here, so the ancient animus that has divided the country ever since before the War Between the States has never really been something that I understood in my very bones the way that many Americans do.

I have, however, been to the south a couple of times- Texas, specifically.

I love it down there. If I could, I would have moved out there by now. The weather is warm and the people even more so. The food is cheap and good and plentiful (a little too plentiful sometimes, even for a big lad like me). The skies are wide open, the culture is rich and vibrant and full of the good things in life, and the folk are (for now, at least) a sensible, hardy, God-fearing bunch who understand that liberty is rarely cheap and never free.

I don't quite see eye-to-eye with Southerners about everything- you'll never see me at a country-music festival or a megachurch, and you lot will have to do a fair amount of work to convince me about American "football" and NASCAR. (I do profess to finding the concept of a monster-truck rally quite intriguing, though.)

For the most part, however, I find the South to be a remarkably warm and friendly place, even to foreign heathens like me who have the good sense and common decency to obey the law.

As such, I do not dismiss the views of the South as racist or antediluvian. My fellow foreigners, and most of my northern neighbours, might be well advised to at least try to think the same way.

Interestingly, another man who should, by rights, be openly contemptuous of the South, is in fact quite happy to be there- he had this song played in his grand entrance during his final stop during his epic "thank you" tour.

Like the people of the South, and the Midwest, and all of the other bits of the country that put him in power, the God-Emperor Ascendant clearly understands that the outcome of this year's historic election was the will of the people. And it is to the people that the God-Emperor went to deliver his message of real hope and optimism.

This could all go horribly wrong, of course. The last time we had a hopey-changer candidate being voted for by millions of Americans, we got... eight years of OhhhhBummer. What a booby prize that was.

Another four or eight years of another jackass like that will be the end of the American republic and everything that it stands for.

But somehow I don't think that's going to happen. The initial signs show that the God-Emperor Ascendant is very different from anyone who has occupied the Oval Office since President Reagan. He is, in many ways, exactly the kind of man that the song, "Sweet Home Alabama", was written for.

Thank Almighty God for that- I certainly do.


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