It's not all horrible and lame

Our buddy LastRedoubt posted up some country music yesterday and mentioned in passing that I'm not exactly the genre's biggest fan. He ain't wrong about that- I am NOT a fan of listening to some berk wailing nasally to horribly tuned guitars about how his woman "dun gone and broke mah heart" and then took off with his dog and his pickup truck, or about how nauseatingly and excruciatingly grateful he is to God for his lady love.

There are no balls involved in music like that. It sounds borderline gay. (And yes, I'm well aware that if I call country music "gay" in Texas, I'll be shot on sight. The Texans believe, correctly in my opinion, that some people just "need killin'". That is why, on the few occasions that I've been "down South", I've always been on my best behaviour.)

But I'm not against ALL country/Western music. There are some really great songs which I REALLY like- because they have balls and heart for days.

Here's one, for instance.

Another one, of course, is Steve Earle's evergreen classic, "Copperhead Road":

And then there is a truly old-school classic called "Ghost Riders in the Sky". One of the best versions of this song ever recorded is the Johnny Cash version:

DAMN but that man could sing!!!

(CHILDREN OF BODOM came up with a killer death-metal cover of the same song on one of my favourite albums of theirs a few years ago. It's funny how, by getting into one genre of music, you can often find your way to other great songs and ideas in the process.)

Speaking of the late, great Johnny Cash- he was taken from us after a life well lived, and may God rest his soul. But if you want an old-school Cash-type vibe with serious balls, then that is why God gave us VOLBEAT:

And let's not forget David Allan Coe- specifically, his collaboration with former PANTERA members Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell (RIP):

There is of course also DAC's hysterical "Learn How to Pick 'Em, Learn How to Stick 'Em":

See? Country music isn't completely lame. You just have to know what to look for.


  1. I almost added copperhead road

  2. Should be bloody careful what I click before I'm done posting.

    Anyway - Love Copperhead Road - and only didn't add it because it didn't fit.

    And good stuff all around. As always, you have excellent taste.

    Cash? A god - and even Trent Reznor basically handed over "Hurt" as JC's song. In his later stuff "Man Comes Around" is epic.

    FWIW check out rock/country band Drivn N' Cryin. Uneven, but their first album is overall excellent, and their song "Straight To Hell" still gets a lot of airplay.

  3. Eduardo the Magnificent21 December 2016 at 15:40

    God I hate "Copperhead Road". There's a line dance people do to it and a bar I used to work at played it at least once, sometimes twice a night. Damn that song to hell. "Cupid Shuffle" too.

    On another note, Volbeat has a cover of Hank Sr.'s "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" that kicks the shit out of the original.

    1. On another note, Volbeat has a cover of Hank Sr.'s "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" that kicks the shit out of the original.

      One of my favourite songs ever. VOLBEAT has kind of been moving away from that rockabilly stuff of late, which is unfortunate- they do it better than just about anyone else. But their latest album is still really good.


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