Happy Christmas

From IRON MAIDEN, from Eddie, and from the boys!
For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6
Christianity is about the Divine becoming Man amidst blood and animal shit. Christianity revolves around an innocent man rejected by his people, despised by the elite, declared a criminal by the court, and murdered by the government under the false color of law. Christianity describes a world that is fallen, sinful, and ruled by an evil, sadistic, prideful, immortal liar.

-- Vox Day, "Christ is Risen", March 31, 2013
Christmas is my single favourite day of the year.

When I was growing up, I loved Christmas because... well, I always got presents from my family. But even as a kid, the fact that I got "stuff" on this day was less important than the fact that I was with people who mattered the most to me. Where I come from, the concept of "Christmas" doesn't really exist- in fact we never really celebrated it as the day that Christ was born, it was just an excuse to have a good time together as a family unit.

That has never changed through all of the years in between then and now. For me, Christmas is a wonderful day to spend in the company of those that I love the most, and it is for that reason that ever since I left for college, I have always made it a special point to come home to my parents' house, so that I can be with the people whom I love the most on what has always been a special day for me.

Over the last few years, though, as I have grown older and come to a fuller and deeper understanding of God, and have come to develop my own personal relationship with Him, Christmas has taken on a far greater meaning for me.

To me, this is no longer just a day to spend with family and dear friends. It takes on far greater significance and meaning- because this is the day that Christians, real Christians, understand (correctly) to be the day on which the Lord proved, conclusively, that evil can and WILL be defeated.

As such, this day is important to all of us.

For we live in a world ruled by evil- great, terrible, prideful, immortal evil, steeped in sin and wishing to dominate all of Mankind.

For decades, that evil has forced us to bend to its will. We have seen all that we love taken from us and debased before our eyes. The values that we hold dear, which teach us to love God, family, and friends unconditionally, have been mocked and derided. Our nations have been opened to barbarians who take advantage of all that we have built and then spit in our faces. Our political leaders sell us out at every turn.

To paraphrase one of my favourite poems, the women bear no more children, and the men have lost reason and faith.

And yet, in the midst of all that is wrong with the world, hope survives. Indeed, it thrives. And that is because God has proven, and continues to prove, that no matter how bleak things are, no matter how bad things get, evil WILL NOT prevail.

God's promise to us, His covenant with His creation, is still in force. He has not forgotten it, and nor should we.

Consider: on December 25th, 1991, the Soviet Union officially came to its long-overdue, thoroughly-deserved, and utterly-unmourned end, as the star-and-sickle on a red flag, for so long a symbol of oppression and murderous insanity, was lowered over the Kremlin for the very last time.

The system of government that had started by promising to build an Earthly paradise and (inevitably) transformed almost immediately into Hell, was brought to an ignominious end on a day that the Soviet leadership had stubbornly insisted for 74 years held absolutely no significance to anybody.

Now, the funny thing is, back when I was an atheist, I would have used the very existence of Communism to argue against the existence of God.

After all, was it worth the deaths of well over 100 million, and as many as 200 million, people to bring the horrors of Communism to an end over a period of more than 70 years? Was the total failure of socialism worth the suffering and misery that it had inflicted upon my own people, until my country finally saw sense and began to liberalise its economy? And what kind of just and loving God could possibly permit such an evil institution to last for so long, and to inflict so much misery and pain upon His Creation?

How could He possibly allow such an abomination to exist if He loves us so much? Surely such a "God" must be truly evil if He were not only to permit, but to encourage, such appalling madness to exist and thrive.

The answer lies in the fact that God does not rule this world- which is something that Christians understand, and Churchians (and atheists) do not. God gave us free will, and then watched as we abused His priceless gift.

But when we needed Him the most, yet again, He came through for us. Boy, did He ever.

He always has. He always will. He proved that again to us this year- twice.

Moreover, the Soviet Union was not defeated by meek or cowardly men, or by long teary speeches delivered in the main assembly hall of the United Nations. It was defeated because strong men of courage and conviction decided that its evil needed to be destroyed, and acted accordingly. They fought a long and difficult struggle to make it so- and in the end, because their fight was in the name and under the will of the Almighty, they prevailed.

We face a similar existential struggle today. Everything we hold dear is on the line- our cultures, our nations, our very way of life. For decades we have been losing that struggle- but this year, the tide began to turn.

We have a very long way to go yet. Our fight has only just begun. We will falter along the way because we are merely human. We need Him today, just as much as we ever did- probably more.

But as long as we continue to do what is right and just, in accordance with the Word of God, I do not doubt that we will one day prevail.

And this day, above all others, shows us why we should have hope, and be grateful that we have been called upon to serve His will. For this day proves that evil can be defeated, and that God has not forgotten us.

So be happy and rejoice, my friends. Let us celebrate today the great gifts that we have been given, and cheerfully shoulder the equally great responsibilities that we are asked to take on as their price. Let us look forward with hope for a bright future. Let us never forget that Christianity started from nothing more than twelve frightened and weak men, who witnessed the greatest miracle ever recorded in human history, and who, because of what they had seen, went on to spread the Word far and wide, and died, often horribly, with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts.

Let me close by saying how grateful I am to all of you for stopping by, for reading, for commenting, and for all of your messages of friendship and support over these last 4 years that I have been writing. I don't write for anyone but myself, and I write for no reason other than sheer enjoyment of it, but it is a great comfort and source of pride for me to know that you enjoy what I write and gain value from it.

Merry Christmas to you and your families. May God bless you, now and always.

And may God, today and forever, bless the United States of America.


  1. Thank you for your many informative and often inspirational posts.

    Interesting story yesterday. I was at The wal-mart (laugh if you like, but I go there specifically for their spicy wings... I hate everything else, but I love to pieces their weird combination of hot and barbecue wings) and i told the guy behind the counter name 'Ahmed akheeil' "Merry Christmas!"

    He looked at me strangely and then said, in decent English, "I am not Christian." To which I replied, "Yes, but if you told me 'Salaam'. I would appreciate it."

    He grinned hugely and proceeded to overfill my pick 3 bucket to the best of his ability. I was much appreciative.

    I realized that while Islam is the product of Baal, a very very few members are smart enough to save. I am glad of this.

  2. And a very merry Christmas to you.

  3. Amen, brother


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