Friday T&A: Sweater Snowballs Edition

It's getting really cold, really fast, here in the northeast. In recognition of that fact, let us take a moment to enjoy the absolute best thing about sweater-and-jacket weather- namely, the lovely, shapely, curvy bits of the female anatomy that make looking at them in sweaters just this side of tolerable.

(Murphy's Law of Boobage: If the effort, money, and brains that went into the research and appreciation of boobies were instead invested in the space program, America would be running hot-dog stands on the Moon by now.)

Happy Friday, lads. Bring out the titties and beer!

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Oh, all right, I SUPPOSE that for the sake of balance I should actually add one "A" picture- it is, after all, a T&A segment. The things I do for you guys...


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