Friday T&A: Ice Queen Edition

It's getting REALLY FREAKIN' COLD up here in the northeast- apparently it hit -22 Celsius with windchill last night, or thereabouts. These are the sorts of temperatures that Minnesotans would probably call "mild spring weather"- the crazy bastards...

Needless to say, for a lad born and brought up in the tropics (like me), this sort of thing is miserable. Why the hell can't you Americans be decent about winter and get it all done and dusted in, like, two weeks so that things can warm up again?!

Anyway, bitching aside, the cold weather gives us a very good reason to go and find pictures of beautiful women to warm up the blood. With that in mind, here are a few pictures of some gorgeous women from- yep, you guessed it- Iceland.

They may be the world's most batshit-insane bunch of libprogs. Their women may consider sex to be just a way of saying hello before they bother "getting to know you", and all that other boring crap. (Not a complaint, just so we're clear.) Their current effete nature certainly is making their Viking ancestors- some of the biggest, ballsiest badasses who EVER lived- weep in shame.

But there is no denying that their women are quite stunning.

Berglind Icey (hard to believe shes' nearly 40 these days...):

Edda Pettursdottir:

A photo posted by Edda Petursdottir (@eddap) on

Iris Arna:

Asdis Ran:

Alexandra Helga:

... and a bunch of random hot fitness models:

Now can we PLEASE get this stupid winter over and done with?!


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