Clear out the trauma unit...

What happens when a manly man of righteous manliness, whose opinions are completely unfair, unbalanced, and unmedicated, takes on a harpy and a banshee in a single interview?

Well... this does. Crank up the sound to full surround, grab a beer in one hand (and your woman's pussy in another- shout-outs to the God-Emperor Ascendant for helping to Get America Laid Again!!!), sit back, relax, and enjoy the fireworks:

That was... GLORIOUS.

I would have to go a long way to find a more killtacular headshot than that last one about alimony. You could achieve something similar in, say, Gears of War 3 by taking a Longshot sniper rifle and blowing apart a Drone's head in magnificent high-definition. Or you could do it by lining up a couple of Elites in just the right way in HALO 4 and pulling the trigger on your SRS-99 and blowing them all to hell.

But beyond that, it's difficult to think of a better, more brutally efficient, and lethally effective way to handle a bitch than what Mr. Rudov pulled off there.

That was a shining example to all men, everywhere, when dealing with feminist nonsense and Disneyfied propaganda about relationships between men and women in modern Western society. Do not apologise. Do not retreat. Do not hesitate. Smile, be polite, be  firm- and then shove the knife-blade in as hard and deep as you possibly can, and twist for good measure.

This guy Marc H. Rudov has been doing this sort of thing for a while, by the way. There are quite a few interviews and lectures floating around featuring him, and he is every bit as ruthless and deadly in those as he was in that first interview up there.

As it turns out, that first video shown up top is not the first time that he utterly destroys the same feminist banshee- whose voice, by the way, is simply impossible to listen to without wanting to drive toothpicks through your eardrums because it would be less painful:

Mr. Rudov's opinions are certainly politically incorrect (thank God for that). He specialises in causing the heads of feminists everywhere to explode (for which he deserves some kind of medal). He's doing a damn fine job of taking the fight straight to the enemy- and good for him.


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