Auf weidersehen, Deutschland...

Paul Joseph Watson tore the German establishment a new arsehole a couple of days ago when he pointed out just how big a disaster their open-borders policy has been:

About two-thirds of the way through, he mentioned that the very same traitors to Der Vaterland who have thrown open the gates to their cities, and thereby exposed their women to rapefugees, their businesses to vandals, and their people to persecution, have now tried to sell their historic mistakes to their people through some of the most ham-fisted propaganda ever made.

It is difficult to believe just how bad that propaganda is until you actually see it for real:

I think the only possible sensible reaction to that video has got to be:
What the Niflheim is WRONG with these people?!?
No, I'm not making this up. That is an actual video that the German media- private as well as public- was "encouraged" to air, in the same way that they were "encouraged" (read: commanded) to cover up the mass-scale sexual assaults on hundreds if not thousands of German women in Cologne and Dusseldorf on New Year's Eve in 2015.

The thing is, I personally quite like the Germans- certainly I have far more patience for them than I do for their effete, cheese-eating cousins across the border in France. They might be arrogant and a bit stuffy, but they do make some of the world's best beer, definitely the world's best Spatlese, and probably some of the world's best cars. They are a stolid and sensible people (once you get out of the cities, obviously).

But they also carry the scars of a deep and terrible guilt for what their ancestors did in the past century to the rest of Europe. And it is because of this soul-destroying guilt that they have about the sins of their fathers that they have embraced some of the most stupidly suicidal social engineering policies that the world has ever seen.

That ad that you saw above is a sign of a culture in crisis. The German people are now being told to choose between what their own elected representatives- traitors almost to a man and woman to everything that the Fatherland stands for- are telling them is right and just, and what they can see with their own eyes is true.

Subjecting an entire nation to that kind of stress isn't going to end well.

And given what we already know about the, shall we say, Teutonic efficiency with which the German people are fully capable of addressing the question of violence, I wonder whether the German establishment really understands how big the volcano is that they are attempting to plug.

This can only end in one possible outcome: civil war. Blood will run in the streets of German cities and towns because of what Angela Merkel and her kind have done.

History will not remember them well. They will instead be remembered as the quislings who subjected their people to an epidemic of looting, vandalism, persecution, rape, and oppression in the name of "tolerance".

It used to be in years past that such people were punished, swiftly, remorselessly, and efficiently, by being lined up and shot for high treason.

I'm willing to wager that it won't be more than 5 years before the Germans start looking at bringing such eminently sensible practices back into fashion. And when that happens... may God help us all.


  1. Damn I've never seen so much passionate self harm in my life. Germany will simply stop existing in the future. On the other hand, once all the murders and mass slaughter ends we can pick up all these bones and flesh and make eco friendly cars :)

  2. I hope to participate when the reprisals begin.

    Why the anti-French hate? One usually finds this kind of bigotry amongst the cuckservatives.

    1. Don't get me wrong, I actually get along quite well with individual Frenchists. I just find them as a nation to be largely insufferable. In my experience, they have an overly inflated sense of their own importance as a nation- they still think that they are the continent's premier economy and military power, when in reality they've been a declining fourth-rate also-ran for decades.

      That being said, I do not wish them ill. The fact is that Western civilisation wouldn't exist without the French, and it is for that reason that I want them to reclaim their sovereignty and their freedoms.

      The signs so far have not been encouraging, unfortunately.


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