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Remember how, back in October, a certain way-over-the-hill pop tart by the name of Madonna promised every guy who voted for the Hilldebeast that she would personally fellate him if he pulled the trigger and blew his own brains out voted for the most corrupt, venal, vindictive, dangerous, and downright evil Presidential candidate ever to run for the highest office in the land?

Well, we nationalists can play at that game too- except that when we do it, the women involved are ones whose lips you would actually WANT to have wrapped around your tool:
An actress who promised to perform sex acts on Italians who voted “No” in the country’s referendum on Sunday will apparently make good on her word. 
Italian actress Paola Saulino, 27, has posted a set of “tour” dates throughout Italy for the month of January in which she will reportedly keep her word to perform a sex act on “No” voters. 
Italy voted decisively Sunday to reject changes to its Constitution in what was a victory for populists and a staggering blow to the European Union, and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi resigned immediately following the vote. 
Saulino, who lists her current address in Los Angeles, has nicknamed her tour the “Pompa Tour.” [Clever girl, this. Can she cook too?] According to the UK Sun, “pompa” means “pump” in Italian and is also a slang term for oral sex. 
In a post to her Facebook page over the weekend, Saulino said she would visit a number of cities in Italy, including Rome, Venice and Milan, to make good on her promise. 
The poster for the tour features the actress posing suggestively while licking a lollipop. 
In a racy post last month, the actress maintained that she was serious about honoring her promise. 
“I’m not kidding I just want to thank you in my personal way,” Saulino wrote. 
The actress’s Facebook post says interested parties must fill out a “booking form” to be considered to met with her.
You see, lads? Nationalists really do have more fun!

In case you're wondering, this is what Signora Saulino looks like:

Now, be honest, chaps- which one would you rather get a beej from? A not-exactly-ugly 27-year-old Italian actress who clearly has a nice case of DSL? Or a used-up old hag who looks, and acts, like she's a crazy homeless woman?

I have to say, Italian politics is certainly a good deal more colourful than its American counterpart- and that's saying something considering the epic case of electile dysfunction that this country just went through. (This time, fortunately, the result was actually to our liking.)

I could go on in this vein about how Ms. Saulino's offer might actually be a fun inducement for otherwise-apathetic Italian men to get more involved in politics. Or about how fetching she looks in a tight outfit. Or I could go find that booking link for you.

But somehow, I find that images are more effective than words.

So with that in mind- here's an eyeful of this most motivating young lady:

Man, what a great way to end a Monday... Not only did the globalist supporters of the EUSSR get their arses handed to them in Italy, but young hot patriotic Italian girls are in fact keen on Getting Italians Laid Again!!!


  1. I wonder what she's going to do for a No voter who shows up and is female. I mean, hell, fair is fair.

    1. Indeed, sir. I just hope that if this happens, someone brings a video camera along. For, y'know, verification purposes. Such things must be validated, after all.


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