Winter Contingency

If you've been keeping up with your altRight reading of late, you'll have noticed in the last few days that quite a few of the leading lights of the Manosphere appear to have taken on a rather messianic tone in their impassioned screeds against the Bitch and everything that she represents. Vox Day has been particularly strong in his (entirely justified) condemnation of the evil that festers at the heart of the Clinton Machine these days.

Others have not exactly been any more temperate. Mike Cernovich, Heartise, Matt Forney, most of the Return of Kings mob- the list just goes on and on.

I don't pretend to any different, by the way. I'm well aware of just how strident some of my screeds against the Rottenmuncher have been.

As it happens, there is a very good reason for this.

We write and speak that way about The Bitch and those around her because every one of our instincts, honed over years of having to deal with the stupidities and follies and insanities of the International Community Of The Ever So Caring And Sensitive, tells us that there is real and terrible evil festering at the heart of the Clinton campaign.

Everything I can see tells me that, deep within her withered and rotten core, Hillary Rodham Clinton is a true psychopath.

I honestly do believe that she is truly evil.

Even so, for those who are not used to such things, this sort of fire-and-brimstone tone might seem a bit... excessive. Hell, I thought it was excessive for a while when reading through Vox's work for the past two days. He made me look as harmless and docile as one of those old fogeys that sits at the public chess tables over in Central Park every day.

That is, until this afternoon, when I saw that the FBI has, once again, cleared the Hilldebeast of any actual wrongdoing with respect to her known, flagrant, and repeated violations of national security policy while using a private email server for official government correspondence.

I was in the gym, working my way through heavy sets of bench presses on my way to my one-rep-max for the day. Most of the TVs in the gym were tuned in to the Clinton News Network, and the breaking story flashed that FBI Director James Comey had just sent a letter to Congress basically stating that the Bureau's conclusions from July were unchanged.

He had just exonerated, again, a career criminal and traitor whose incompetence, venality, and treachery have directly led to the deaths of over four hundred THOUSAND civilians in the Levant, and whose actions as Secretary of State greatly weakened American power and influence globally while radically increasing the number of threats faced by the nation itself.

That was the moment that I knew, beyond any shadow of any doubt, that the Prince of Evil rules this land.

That was when I looked up to the heavens and uttered a silent prayer to God.

That was the moment that I knew that, whatever happens on November 8th, only the Almighty can save America now.

The corruption and evil that the Founding Fathers rightly feared so greatly as the death of freedom and the destruction of nations, has now taken root within every last institution that they put up as a bulwark against tyranny.

Wherever you look, the stench of corruption is there. Congress; the judiciary; the media; the pollsters; the commentary classes; it just doesn't matter where you turn. Every last one of these institutions is rotten and evil to its very core.

Even the American military, which most Americans correctly regard as being the penultimate safeguard of their liberties (right below the American people themselves), has been corrupted. The military leadership is now more concerned with being politically correct and environmentally friendly than figuring out how to win wars. 

The FBI was supposed to be one of those safeguards against tyranny and executive corruption. And look how spectacularly they have now failed.

Are we seriously supposed to believe that the same Federal Bureau of Investigation that took a full year to comb through about 60,000 emails, now went through SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND of them in, what, five days??? And somehow managed to find nothing seriously incriminating in all of that mess, even though we now know that Hillary Clinton told her maid to print out classified documents and information?

I am now utterly certain, beyond even the merest hint of a shadow of doubt, that if Hillary Clinton wins on Tuesday- and given that we're already seeing dead people and illegal aliens casting votes, all in favour of the Democrats, natch, that is a real possibility right now- then it will be the end of the United States of America.

I am more convinced than ever that what John Ringo and LTC Tom Kratman predicted in their separate novels, written several years apart, will come to pass. This country will simply implode, and eventual secession and resegregation will go from unthinkable to virtual certainty in the space of just four years.

And that is before we get to the toll of blood that is sure to follow.

After all, how many times have we been told that the wages of sin is death? And how many times have we ignored that iron law, to our own great misery?

I do not claim that Donald Trump can stop any of this. I have no idea whether he can. I only know that Donald Trump is not the one under investigation for being more corrupt and dangerous than any modern leader since, probably, Josef Stalin. I only know that Donald Trump is not itching to go to war with Russia- which is a war that America will almost certainly LOSE, in spectacularly bloody fashion. I only know that Donald Trump is not the one who wants to let the whole of the Third World into America, and thereby turn it into that very same Third World.

In my beloved HALO series, there is a truly great game called HALO: Reach, which depicts the events of the Fall of Reach. In the game's universe, this is a climactic and pivotal siege of humanity's greatest strategic asset beyond Earth, the fortress among the stars over which much of the UNSC's military might was concentrated. In the game, the Covenant invades Reach stealthily at first, and it is up to the player, as an integral part of fireteam Noble, to investigate some strange activity in a remote part of the planet Reach to figure out what's going on.

In the process, they discover the presence of humanity's most mortal and terrible enemy- on their home turf.

At the end of the first mission, when this is uncovered, Noble One, Commander Carter-A259, contacts Noble Actual, Colonel Urban Holland, and tells him:

"Affirmative. The Covenant are on Reach. It's the WINTER CONTINGENCY."

The reply is simple:

"Then may God help us all."

Indeed. God help us all if the Bitch is elected to supreme power on Tuesday. God have mercy on the United States of America- which, I suspect, He will not be particularly inclined to do, given the utterly wanton disregard that this country seems to have for His Law.

Only He can save you now.


  1. If that crazy bitch wins, I fully expect a very quiet sub-rosa secession to happen. People in the heartlands of America will get a few things together, take their families, and head for the freaking hills - to set up remote houses, small villages, and hidden towns far from the lunacy.

    I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of starter-goods went with them, stolen on the sly from the city slickers. Old Joe who runs the local gas station disappears, mysteriously along with all the gas and LPG, leaving nothing but a debt for big-business to scratch their head over.

    Ditto for the local mechanic, his tools, and spare parts. A farmer living hand-to-mouth gets a lot of seed and stuff delivered and also disappears. Hunting supplies. Camping equipment. Clothing. Credit cards maxed out and the houses abandoned without a trace of the former owners/occupants.

    The black market grows, stuff done under the table, things ordered online and delivered and disappearing into the back-end of nowhere. The "elite" being taken advantage of. The sheep being left to be slaughtered yet again. The underground railroad reborn, getting the modern slaves out of hell.

    America is large enough for it to be far advanced before it is noticed. Heading for the hills once more, going to ground, completely away from the insanity. Crops can be planted in oddball places. Hunting and fishing nearly anywhere. People can hide, even in plain sight, even in abandoned buildings and malls and towns.

    There is room enough for the heartland to disappear from the country.

  2. BPS, your idea is terribly romantic and patently ridiculous. How many people do you think can disappear? A couple thousand, maybe. They better be living in abandoned coal mines as even Google satellite pics (let alone milsat data) will show anything above ground that isn't completely under the canopy. How many deer and turkey do you think are there to feed the millions of people in the heartland. Crops? You can't grow significant amounts of crops in "hidden" areas. How long is your stolen gas and LPG gonna last? You're just being silly.

    1. You might be surprised re crops. There are parts of New Zealand that I no longer hunt in. Too many people's marijuana crops in the area, with traps.

      I would say "I will bet more than a few thousand" - though it'd be hard to pay or collect, so I'll just watch with interest.

    2. I also agree with UP. It's a silly idea which you probably got from TV, unless you were joking. If The Cunt wins people will simply be very angry and might start protesting. The alt. right media is growing at a very fast rate every single day as more and more establishment people are being exposed and mainstream media becomes more irrelevant.

  3. You'd do well to start with the Old Testament, of course. The Gospels and Paul's and Peter's various books of the NT are didactic for those seeking to live a Christian life according to principles (laws come from the doctrine of your particular branch but, Francis aside, go Trad Catholics!).

    Think in terms of allegory and creative license. Be comfortable with the term "divine inspiration" as in God breathed the words into the man and his pen, not that God dictated literal history to some scholar (gosh but Bible literalists kill me). The books of history and law are far more literal but you need the emotional and spiritual details to connect them in any meaningful way to the tribes of Israel and Judah.

    And then once your conversion has its foundations in the Bible, do what you must. Because in this post, you've outed yourself as a Christian even if you are still trepidacious about the possibilities.

    The histories recounted in the texts of the Bible are about to be revisited. It does not repeat, but it does rhyme. And it takes much, much longer than many of us think to see the verses come to a couplet, but that doesn't mean we abandon the writing.


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