"Watkins! I need new undies in my office NOW!!!"

TOP GEAR SERIES 24- er, I mean, um, THE GRAND TOUR- just gets better every time you see it. I cannot wait to plonk my arse down on the couch with a cold beer tonight and proceed to laugh myself into gasping, oxygen-starved paroxysms of hilarity watching Episode 2. I imagine that the rest of you lot are in much the same boat- especially after having to deal with your relatives, and the ensuing food coma and massive headache, from last night.

However, there is one group of people who are almost certainly not amused by the roaring, runaway success of Amazon Prime's epic new hit. That would be the middle managers of the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation:

The lesson from THE GRAND TOUR's smash-hit success is that there is very good money to be made in giving media and establishment SJWs a massive middle finger. If you're talented, and you have something of real value to offer to people, then it turns out that it's not that difficult to find someone willing to pay you money to deliver that value to people- no matter how controversial you are or how difficult you might seem to be to work with.

And yes, before anyone states the obvious, I am well aware that Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is himself a globalist and a massive Hilldebeast supporter. That just tells me that he's a liberal hypocrite. I know the type- I'm related to several. I spent yesterday evening knee-deep in them at my aunt's place for Thanksgiving.

He is the sort of person who got rich thanks in part to policies that benefited him immensely, and now that he's got his, he's shitting all over the ladder that he climbed in order to make it harder for others to do the same.

There is a word for such people. They're called mercantilists. (A less polite term would be crony capitalist. A still less polite version would probably be shyster. But never let it be said that I would ever be so rude as to refer to someone as such, eh, what?)

However, let's give credit where it is due. Jeff Bezos is also a hugely talented businessman who figured out what customers really wanted, and delivered it. And he recognised that same spirit in Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, and Andy Wilman. So he hired them to do what they do best- fall over, set each other on fire, and drive the world's greatest supercars at absurdly high speeds while cracking ridiculous jokes and making completely non-PC comments.

And for that, Mr. Bezos deserves our thanks. He isn't a full-blown SJW, he's merely a liberal hypocrite, and I can live with that. He's done us all a tremendous service by bringing us a show full of laughter and fun and joy that puts a huge- or should that be, YUUUUUUGE- smile on our faces.

The Beeb's management team, however, is almost surely not so sanguine about the prospects of their stupid, lame, boring, hackneyed version of TOP GEAR by now.

They've lost much of their core audience to the very same blokes who built it up in the first place. If I were in their shoes, staring down the barrel of seeing 350 MEEEEEELLION subscribers losing interest and walking away from a flagship show, I'd be calling for a change of underwear every few hours.

Too bad. Those are the results of going full-on SJW. The Beeb will fall, just as every other converged institution will in the end. And we will be delighted to see them crumble- preferably due to gigantic explosions timed to the epic sound of car engines revving over a heavy metal soundtrack.

Which, of course, is a pretty fair description of how THE GRAND TOUR does things.


  1. Jeff Bezos is a one of those hypocritical globalist but to my knowledge he did not try to censor his own user-base like Mark Cuckeberg or Twatter.

    As far as the show goes, I can't wait for the BBC to cry in more agony and regret until the British people cancel that damned TV license and use Netflix and Amazon, HBO etc.


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