It has been a damned nice thing- the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life.
-- Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, to Thomas Creevey on 18 June 1815 after the Battle of Waterloo

At long last, brothers, it is done. The God-Emperor has triumphed- and so too have we of the #altRight.

I was up until like 2am keeping up with the electoral college votes that were slowly trickling through, but in reality, by about 11.30pm, it was clear that Donald Trump was going to be the next President. He had taken Ohio and Florida; Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire were in play, and with Michigan leaning red and vast swathes of America turning solid red already, it was clear where the wind was blowing.

It was at that point that I knew he had won. All he needed to do was pick up either Michigan or Wisconsin, and Alaska (which of course he would), and that would be all she wrote.

And it was at that point- at, like, midnight- that I offered up a prayer of thanks to the Almighty. As He proved in 1980, and again in June this year with Brexit, He showed once and for all that He has not abandoned America and the West- even though the West seems in an awfully big hurry to abandon Him.

Yet again, the Lord has proven that He has a special destiny in mind for the American people. America is not immune to the laws of history, logic, and racial identity- but there is no question, in my mind at least, that this is a nation under God, marked by Divine Providence to serve as both an example and a warning to the rest of Mankind.

Once more, in our hour of need, the Lord has worked through us to deliver us from evil. It is now upon us to do what must be done, in His holy Name.

The Bitch has been vanquished, hopefully never to show her daemonic visage in electoral politics ever again. The votes are still being counted, but it appears that she did more than just lose- she lost by (as far as I can tell as of this writing) thirty states. As of this writing, it looks like he is on track to win something like 306 electoral college votes, maybe more.

Mr. Trump's victory was not, in fact, a near-run thing. It was about as close as you can get to a true blowout in this day and age. The Hilldebeast may have won the popular vote (for now- I think the numbers are still coming in), but Mr. Trump took the actual votes that mattered, and in style too.

Back in the days of Ronald Reagan- the last true outsider elected to the Presidency, and the only President whose path to power and glory is comparable to Mr. Trump's- such a massive electoral majority would have been hailed as a landslide.

Or, y'know, a Trumpslide.

However, this is no time for complacency. Make no mistake- we have been granted nothing more than a reprieve from doom. We have a terribly long and difficult road ahead of us if we are going to defend and restore Western civilisation.

If The Bitch had won, it would almost surely have been the end of America. She would have accelerated the very forces that are guaranteeing that America, as we know it today, will not exist as a sovereign nation in 30 years' time, so that, instead of the destruction and dissolution of America by 2050, we'd be looking at the end of America by 2030 at the outside.

Mr. Trump's victory simply means that some of those forces- uncontrolled immigration, endless wars of foreign occupation and nation-building, needless and stupid antagonism of potential allies against the Islamist threat, and the mindless pursuit of a fatally flawed globalist hegemony- are going to be delayed or stopped in their tracks.

But that is all. That does not mean that we have won. Mr. Trump's many and manifest flaws as a candidate and now a politician are going to have a real effect on his ability to get things done, even with a fully Republican-controlled Congress.

This is unavoidable; we still haven't fumigated all of the cuckroaches from the so-called "conservative" movement, and we're not likely to be doing so anytime soon.

For every step forward that we take, we will almost surely take one back. This cannot be helped. It is the nature of our long war.

Our enemies have suffered a catastrophic defeat. But they are not gone, and they are not forgiving.

Already, the forces of the regressive Left are gathering to express their disappointment with the clear and indisputable result of a free and (mostly) fair election with their trademark tolerance and amicability. Be under absolutely no doubt that, once the thugs of the Black Lives Matter and antifa movements get over their shock and horror at the result, more violence will ensue.

It is time for you and yours to arm yourselves, gun up if necessary, and be ready for the violence and unrest that is to come. Be ready, be aware, and be careful.

The God-Emperor painted a target on his own back the day he became the Republican nominee for President; now our enemies will turn on us in their rage.

However, there is also much reason for optimism. You see, this Presidential election has revealed two key facts to us.

First, it has shown us the true faces of our enemies. They are legion. The entire political establishment, almost the entirety of the judiciary, the whole of the once-mainstream media, the entire public polling industry (barring a precious few honourable exceptions), is made up of nothing but liars and charlatans who exist solely to serve themselves, not you, the American people.

These parasites must be destroyed. Not merely defeated, not exiled into the wilderness to spread their filth and disease elsewhere- DESTROYED. They are the enemies of Western civilisation; if the West operated on the same principles as, say, the old Soviet Union, most of these people would be lined up against a wall and shot for high treason due to their wilful, wanton, and repeated conspiracies to defraud and deceive the American people.

(Thank God for small mercies shown to our enemies, I suppose. You'll have to forgive me- I'm in a somewhat bloodthirsty mood today, being short on sleep while long on jubilation tends to have an odd effect on me.)

Second, and far more importantly, it has shown us that even these enemies, as terrible and powerful as they are, can be defeated. And not merely defeated, but routed.

For we have something that they do not. We have belief on our side.

We believe that the American identity- and, let's be honest, that is predominantly a white identity, whether you like it or not- is worth preserving.

We believe that the American way of life, with its near-unique focus on individual freedom, personal responsibility, faith, family, and limited government, is worth preserving- with our blood, if necessary.

We believe that Western civilisation, with its unique combination of Graeco-Roman philosophy, Christian morality, and Enlightenment thinking, is better than the alternatives and therefore must be protected.

Our path ahead is going to be a very difficult one. There will be many hard challenges ahead. The God-Emperor's Great Crusade has ended, but ours has just begun.

For now, though, celebrate, my friends. You Americans have won a great and wonderful victory for your people, your culture, and for Almighty God.

It is my honour and privilege to be here as a proud friend of America to witness it, to provide what aid I can as an ally in your war. Yesterday was the best day I can remember since June 23rd- the morning after Brexit- and I am very much looking forward to the days ahead, as we of the #altRight continue to take the fight forward against the enemies of Western civilisation.

For now, though, it's time to PARTY. Put on your Trumpslide T-shirts, your #MAGA caps, and your combat boots, grab your favourite bottle of liberal tears (BACON-SCENTED, no less!!!!!), and rock out with your... er... Glock out.

(I think I just managed to squeak past the FCC censors there. Remember, Odumbass is still in power until January 20th next year...)

And on that note, can I just say: LTC Tom Kratman, you did say you were going to update your Thanksgiving prayer for the first time in eight years if The Donald won. I am very much looking forward to what you've got in store, sir.


  1. There are those who said this day would never come. What are they to say now?

    1. Like my parents and sister. They view what happened as a colossal disaster and their worst nightmare come true.

      My sister, in particular, is severely pissed at the fact that I've been "drinking the orange Kool-Aid", as she puts it. Even when I spoke to her a week ago, she was completely confident that Trump hadn't a hope in Hell of winning.

      And now they're in utter shock. While people like us are bathing delightedly in liberal tears.

  2. Eduardo the Magnificent9 November 2016 at 13:22

    This is akin to winning Game 1 of a seven game series. It won't mean shit if we lose from here on out. There is still work to be done. Trump, more than any other president in our lifetimes, is going to be judged based on whether or not he fulfills his campaign promises. We MUST hold him to the fire. But he will also need support, because nobody in DC is going to let him take away their gravy train easily. These scabs will NOT let go of all their gibsmedats and soft, cushy lifestyles without a fight. And if we've learned anything this election, they will not fight fair. Good news is there is opportunity in front of us. Take no prisoners.

    1. No prisoners, no mercy.

      It's been a long war. It will be longer still. There is much more to come. But I believe we will triumph in the end.

  3. There will be calls to "be gracious in victory" etc.

    We will. But when we finish the fight. Some are not even aware that there was a fight in the first place, and will want things to "go back to normal." One battle was concluded but the war continues -- we had better press the advantage now.

  4. With all the liberal tears being shed right now, I think the ocean level may have risen a centimetre or two.. :P

    1. It's a glorious feeling. Bathe in them while you can- just remember to wash off all the salt and butthurt afterwards =)

  5. The disbelief among the rabbit people is quite fun to watch, they are literally unable to get it.

    1. Yes- and now they're expressing it in precisely the best way that Leftists know how: by rioting.


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