The final countdown

No, not the really cheesy synth-based surprise smash hit by EUROPE (and the VASTLY better death metal cover of the same by CHILDREN OF BODOM)- the final countdown to the launch of TOP GEAR SEASON 24... uh, I mean, THE GRAND TOUR:

I've already got my Amazon Prime subscription lined up and ready. This is going to be AWESOME. I cannot wait to see those three lovable berks back in action, burning petrol and rubber and making complete arses of themselves in public.

Of course, the fact that this series is going to make the management of the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation completely shit their pants doesn't hurt either.


  1. I can't wait as well. Though the BBC will probably strike back with Chris Hariss. I think eventually he will quit Top Gear and go on his own like he should have done a long time ago.


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