The cancer in the marrow

Steve Hughes is a comedian who, for someone in his line of work, actually has his head screwed on quite tightly. He's Australian- so he (presumably) understands that meat is murder, tasty, tasty murder; he's a metalhead- so he has impeccable taste in music; and he considers political correctness to be basically batshit insane.

I'm not joking about his taste in music, by the way. You haven't understood what the word "dedication" means until you've seen a dyed-in-the-wool IRON MAIDEN fan, like Steve Hughes (or me), in real life. We don't just like the band- we're the kinds of crazy bastards who collect the tour shirts just... well, because.

Hell, I've got an Eddie the 'Ead (styled on the Killers album cover, natch) action figure occupying a place of honour on my bookshelf- right next to a scale model of a SPARTAN-IV.

That aside, he has a serious point to make through his comic stylings about the deadly rot of political correctness. Actually, if anything, he is understating the gravity of the problem.

Some might have you believe that political correctness was a high-minded attempt to make people be a little nicer and more polite to each other.

It was actually nothing of the sort- it was one of the many exercises in totalitarian thought control that emerged out of the Frankfurt School of cultural Marxism. At this point, to our great loss and shame, has metastasised into a true cancer within Western society.

The fact is that free speech has been consistently and relentlessly attacked under the aegis of "political correctness", in order to stop anyone from saying anything "too offensive" (read: unacceptable to the protected minority groups favoured by progressives).

None of this is news to any of you. All of you have had to censor your opinions and your thoughts in public. One of the worst offences you can commit in this day and age is to think the "wrong" things.

And God help you if you dare to say those things in public.

It has been said before, correctly, that "in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act". It has often been argued that the source of this quote was none other than George Orwell, whose books during and after his lifetime did a very great deal to tell the truth about power and the terrible corruption that it brings.

There is some argument over whether Mr. Orwell did, in fact, state that phrase. Whether he did or didn't, though, is basically irrelevant. What he did do is far more important.

George Orwell showed us very clearly what the world would look like if truth goes from being objective and openly available for anyone to see and speak, to being subjected to the whims of a ruling class that determines what is and is not permissible.

He wrote a book in 1949 that would go on to become the defining text on what happens when any state or group arrogates to itself the right to define what is, and is not, truth. When he published it, most people thought it was merely a highly entertaining and rather disturbing bit of fiction, yet 70 years later it reads like a journalistic investigation into modern speech-policing.

There was a time when George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, and its brilliantly conceived idea of a new "correct" manner of speech and thought in the form of Newspeak, could have been dimissed as simple fiction. But Mr. Orwell was a prophet far ahead of his time, and he foresaw our current predicament with chilling accuracy.

Today, if you dare to offend anyone among the "protected classes" of the culture, you are immediately cast out of polite society. You are treated as one who has committed the worst possible crimes- when, in reality, all you have done is express an opinion.

The reality is that an opinion is merely what you think. It may or may not be rooted in objective reality. But if you find an opinion offensive, that's really your problem and nobody else's.

If you are a Jew and you are offended when someone voices the opinion (which I categorically disagree with) that Jews are part of some secret cult that aims to control the world- that is your problem.

If you are a Muslim and you are offended when someone (like me) argues that your "prophet" was a vile, murderous, child-molesting warlord who stained his hands with the blood of possibly thousands and definitely hundreds of combatants and innocents alike- that is your problem.

If you are black and you are offended when someone (like me) opines that inner-city black culture is a damned disaster that traps young blacks in a cycle of poverty, violence, and single-parenthood while glorifying all that is worst and ugliest in human nature- that is your problem.

If you are gay and you are offended when someone (like me) calls your lifestyle degenerate and disgusting, argues that your sexual proclivities result in vastly higher rates of both the spreading of STDs and partner abuse than in the normal population, and indeed if you are offended at the very use of the word "normal" to describe human sexual preferences- that is your problem.

If you are "transgendered" (whatever the hell that means) and you are offended when someone (like me) calls you mentally disturbed for thinking that you are something that you cannot possibly be- that is your problem.

If you are a woman and you are offended when someone (like me) says that the gender pay gap is a complete myth, that women routinely choose softer and easier jobs with more flexible working hours and greater leisure time, over hard and dangerous but well-paying manual labour or jobs that require long hours and hard sweat of the mind- that is your problem.

Indeed, these days the only people you can get away with actively mocking are straight white Christian males. That is the last acceptable prejudice in modern Western society. They are fair game because they don't fight back- but if you dare to mock anyone else, you're dead.

Taking offence at opinions is the easy way out. It allows people to substitute feelings for logic, anger for reason, and subjective folly for objective truth.

That is the true impact of political correctness. By making people hesitant to speak their minds for fear of social censure- or, worse, actual punishment at the hands of an overbearing state- we obscure our ability to seek out truth.

The reality is that truth is painful. It always has been- just ask any real Christian about the trials that he has had to endure for his faith in God. Political correctness makes it easy to shun the hard path of truth- and thereby makes it impossible for us to reap the very real rewards that come from embracing that pain.

The other serious problem with political correctness is that, just as Orwell had predicted in his masterpiece, the definition of what is and is not "permissible" is constantly shifting.

For instance, it used to be that feminists were on the same side as racial equalitarians. But now, apparently, white feminists are guilty of racism for being white, because.... reasons.

After all, we have always been at war with Oceania Eastasia.

Truth isn't flexible. It simply is what it is. The Universal Gravitational Constant doesn't change just because you really really really want it to. Human nature doesn't change just because you think it should. God's existence is not contingent upon whether you can communicate with Him or not.

That very inflexibility of truth is what makes it so important. The search for truth consumes our entire lives; without it we are simply deaf, dumb, and blind children stumbling through life without anything stopping us from going straight over the nearest cliff.

Political correctness robs us of those senses, of our ability to tell what is right and wrong, all in the name of sparing our feeeeeeelings.

Enough of such nonsense. Enough of this stupidity. Speak the truth, even if it could cost you dearly, in whatever way that you can.

It is still a dangerous world for those who wish to speak truthfully and faithfully- that, after all, is why I write under a pseudonym. But it has gotten marginally easier- unexpectedly so, actually- ever since the election of the God-Emperor Ascendant.

That tiny sliver of hope is all that we need to keep going. Once that hope is gone, then we are truly doomed- but for now, it is clear that the age of political correctness is beginning its long-awaited death-spiral onto the ash heap of history.

Good bloody riddance to it, too.


  1. I'd been reminded in an argument recently that "You know Orwell was a socialist" as if that would shut me up because, 'know, I'm not, and I couldn't deal with someone not being a conservative

    I responded with "and he firmly believed that firearm ownership was a part of freedom, started to become disillusioned with the whole thing in spain, and documented how socialist governments would lead to tyranny in both Animal Farm, a critique of the Stalinist USSR, and 1984"

    He went off in a huff.

    1. Progressives love facts and evidence- right up until the moment that those facts bite them in the arse, hard. That is why their entire worldview is, in fact, regressive at its core.

  2. This is possibly your best...article...ever.


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