Now it's stuck in my head...

Everyone's favourite "aerobic metal" band, AMARANTHE, is back with a new album. I just started listening to MAXIMALISM, and I have to say, it's actually quite a bit better (so far- I'm only about four songs in) than its predecessor, MASSIVE ADDICTIVE.

(Don't ask me why AMARANTHE insists on capitalising their album titles these days. I'm not Swedish.)

But damn if these stupid songs aren't the catchiest shit I've heard in weeks. I hate it when songs get stuck in my head on infinite loop, and unfortunately I suspect that this is exactly what is going to happen with a few of these songs.

Honestly, I'm surprised the CDC and USAMRIID haven't quarantined all copies of this album yet, for being contagious beyond belief.

It's interesting to note that Elize Ryd doesn't actually have a particularly good or strong voice- she's no Floor Jansen, for instance, which means she can't really blow the roof off a venue with her vocals. (I would know. I've seen AMARANTHE play live twice. They're VERY goofy and silly, but they're good fun.) But she does a good job of working with what she has in the context of AMARANTHE's music.

Yes, it's silly, and stupid, and "pop-metal" like this- or, say, BABYMETAL, for that matter- are very much an acquired taste. Yet there is no denying that they can come up with some excellent catchier-than-crabs tunes when they want to.


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