Liberal tears

Lord Almighty, Your infinite grace and charity was revealed to us on the night of November the 8th, when, in answer to our prayers, You showed us exactly whose side You are on. We know now, O Lord our God, that You have not abandoned America and Western civilisation.

We also now have absolute proof, Lord, that You have a very keen and extremely funny sense of humour.

How else can we explain these hysterically funny compilations of Hilldebeast supporters completely LOSING THEIR SHIT when they discovered what You have wrought?

I know that taking pleasure in other people's pain is a sign of psychopathy.

To which I say: "Damn straight, skippy".

These oceans of liberal tears are one of the best things about The Donald's epic victory. It's hard to believe that it has been less than 72 hours since the God-Emperor's ascension to the Golden Throne was confirmed, yet the feeling is still as fresh as ever thanks to those videos.

Look at all the punchable shitlib faces in those videos. The lack of testosterone in some of the, er, "male" faces is enough to make any of us manly men of righteous manliness want to puke. Or, y'know, start slapping people in the face with a 45lb chromed-steel barbell.

I cannot remember anything like this kind of collective freak-out on the Right when Odumbass was elected. (Granted, by that time I'd long since stopped paying attention to the mainstream (((media))), but the point stands.) The closest we got was about 40% of the country raising their eyes to the skies and asking forlornly, "My Lord, my God, why have You forsaken us?!?"

The complete and total meltdown of the Left, however, is delicious to watch. It would be even funnier if it weren't for the fact that the useful idiots of the Left have only one real answer to Stuff That Liberals Don't Like.

They call it "expressing my rage". You and I call it "rioting". And if the Democrat-dominated mayors of the cities where these dipshits are rioting had the sense that God gave a honey-badger, they would order that these people be hit with rubber bullets and tear gas.

Hey, fair is fair. If the Federal Government is (or was) gunning up at the prospect of having to take on those "radical right-wing militia groups", we right-wing nutjobs can call on the police to actually do their jobs to keep the peaceand have a hell of a lot of fun cracking down on dysgenic idiots in the process.

Oh, speaking of policemen who are really going to enjoy their jobs pretty soon:

Courtesy of Vox Day at Alpha Game.

Stay frosty, lads. The violence is only going to get worse from here. But for now, enjoy the epic shit-fits that our shitlib friends are throwing; they have absolutely no clue what just hit them, and they're not about to get any reprieve anytime soon.


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