It's not a question?

Now this is how you make a funny-as-hell political attack ad:

Classic. I couldn't stop laughing at this one.

They actually have a couple of these- there's one from about three weeks back which is also very funny:

As I may have mentioned, I am very much looking forward to seeing the God-Emperor's coronation on January 20th, 2017 (or, y'know, whenever it actually happens). But this ad reminds me of just how big a gap there is in terms of information between the useful idiots over on the Left, and the #MAGA types who support The Donald.

I was chatting with my sister earlier today, and we were discussing something or other related to Thanksgiving. She asked me if I was going over to my aunt's house this year. And I said, "well, yes, but, it depends".

The rest of that conversation went something like this:

"Depends on what?"

"Really, it depends on the outcome of the election on November 8th. If Donald Trump wins, you know that our aunt is probably going to be holding a wake, not a Thanksgiving dinner. But if that happens, I will be so happy, because--"


"Yes, I do."

"Okay, seriously, WTFH?! You're one of the most intelligent people I know! How can you possibly support someone as racist and misogynistic and stupid as that orange-faced baboon?! You really think that someone like him is the ideal candidate for President of the United States of America?!?"

After which I spent roughly 20 minutes explaining to her that, no, he isn't an ideal candidate, and yes, he is deeply flawed. But he is also the ONLY serious candidate who actually gets it. He's the only one that truly speaks for the American people. He's the only one that understands the roots of America's malaise.

I even went so far as to suggest that The Donald could, potentially, become an even greater President than Ronald Reagan. (It is at this point that the conservatives will now experience fainting spells. Relax, chaps, I'm on your side, just as long as you don't act like a bunch of cucks.)

She was absolutely and utterly flabbergasted. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

She got seriously pissed off, in fact, when I started referring to the Hilldebeast by my usual epithet- The Bitch. She REALLY didn't like that because she found it demeaning to women and deeply sexist. My response could roughly be summed up as: ZFG.

Now, my kid sister is an adorable brat who I love very dearly. She's also considerably younger than me, and she is a card-carrying liberal and feminist. She has tattoos and a nose piercing and she's cut her hair short. Yes, she is quite a bit overweight for her height. And I recently discovered that she smokes.

Yeah. I know. I failed her miserably somewhere along the line. Mea culpa, Deus, mea maxima culpa.

But if you listen to my approximation of her responses, you'll realise something very important. She speaks about Donald Trump just about exactly the same way that any brainwashed liberaltard does, because she imbibes a steady stream of news from Pravda The New York Times, The Jeff Bezos Blog The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and The Puffington Host.

Because of this, her reflexive reaction was to dismiss all Trump supporters as... well, as a basket of deplorables. And she was absolutely stunned to realise that a highly intelligent, highly educated, financially secure foreign chap working for a bank and living in the USA on an H-1B could, in fact, support The Donald.

That is what we're up against. That is the nature of the opposition. They literally do not understand how we think- but we understand them perfectly well. They simply cannot comprehend how we could be who we are.

And that will be their undoing.

These people are literally blind. It pains me to say this about my own little sister, whom I have sworn to love and support and protect, but that is the fact of the matter. They simply cannot see beyond the lengths of their own noses at the world around them. They cannot accept reality for what it is.

And that is why, whether Donald Trump becomes President or not- I'm betting he will, in a Trumpslide for the ages- the #AltRight are eventually going to win.

We are fighting our battles against them using tactics and strategies based on truth and objective reality. They are fighting against us using outmoded tactics predicated on fantasy.

Their intellectual starting point for their world view amounts to pretty (stupid) theories about how things work. Our intellectual starting point is rooted in fundamental truths about Man's relationship to Nature, to Man, and to Almighty God.

They aren't going to be able to stop us. They're already fighting the old culture wars, the old way, using tactics that used to work against enemies that rolled over and played nice in order to avoid being called RACISS and SEXISS and HOMOFOBIK.

We just don't give a damn- about any of this. When my sister told me to stop calling the Bitch by that name, I simply answered, "I will call her exactly what she is."

She really didn't like that response. I didn't care.

Using tactics like those against us is a lot like fighting Rommel's Afrika Korps by reading up on Sargon the Great's campaigns against the Sumerians.

Each of you is going to have a similar story to tell. All of you know at least one SJW-type in your family, among your circle of friends, or within your set of co-workers. This is unavoidable.

It is tempting to simply keep quiet and "go along to get along" (or whatever the actual phrase is). And that is prudent, most of the time; many of you cannot speak out at work in support of The Donald for fear of retribution from your colleagues. I get that, and I understand it entirely. I live in a very liberal part of the country, where even to speak the Donald's name is an open invitation to the nearest HRCunt's office. (Hey, see what I did there?)

Be not afraid, my friends. The darkness will be here for a while yet, but it will lift someday. And that day is coming.


  1. You cannot even _begin_ to imagine how much I'm looking forward to finally being able to update my Thanksgiving prayer. See, for the last 8 years I've tried every November and never managed to get past, "My Lord, my God, why have You forsaken us?"

    1. Yes sir. I have some idea what that's like. See, I'm guessing that at your house, you aren't the only red-blooded dude sitting at a table of effete liberaltards. I, on the other hand, have had to be "that guy" for the last 8 years.

      So I am very much looking forward to being the only guy at my aunt's table to thank the Lord, and then add, right at the end:

      "... and finally I'd like to express my gratitude for the fact that I can say these words, which at some points during the last six months I never thought I'd be able to say: THANK GOD FOR PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP."

      As my parents laughingly remarked when I mentioned this plan to them- I'll probably need to go over there in body armour.

      Totally worth it, though.

    2. Tom - fwiw the theme of the Tuloriad, and your notes about bringing religion to a religious war are right in line with several recent podcasts by Stefan Molyneux. Both in interviewing christians and in his own podcast, speaking as an athiest, about the need for Christianity or something like it (I was wrong about athiesm).

      interesting how, from completely different directions, people are coming to similar conclusions.

      incidentally, I think it would explode a few heads if you were on. Though given Vox day has been already... maybe not so many are left.

    3. If he asked I'd at least consider it, but I don't like pimping myself out.

  2. Watch for it; if Trump wins then I'll make it an everyjoe column right after the election. The last one I did is here:

    Now imagine the effect of something a lot like that on your relatives.

    Question, your family is Christian? Thomasine or more recent converts?

    1. if Trump wins then I'll make it an everyjoe column right after the election.

      Very much looking forward to that one, sir. I read your original Thanksgiving prayer a few months ago; that bit about the libtards who became Darwin Award candidates was a particularly deft touch, I think.

      Question, your family is Christian? Thomasine or more recent converts?

      Actually my family is pretty much non-religious. We were all born Hindus, but none of us follow it as a religion. My father is very nearly an atheist. My mother believes in some concept of God, though I've never asked her seriously about it.

      I'm the only one in my family who thinks that the Christian understanding of God is the one that makes the most sense. Yet I'm not actually Christian.

    2. In that case you're about one cup or bowl of water from becoming one. I would say, though, paraphrasing those peerless theologians from the University of Wooloomooloo, that "God would never be fooled by such a cheap trick," which is to say that you have to believe before it counts and you ought not convert until you really do. And that has to come from inside. People - John Wright among them - think you can reason your way to God. I really think, conversely, that it's something you have to feel and only after that can you employ reason to see more clearly why you feel.

      I _think_.

    3. In that case you're about one cup or bowl of water from becoming one.

      I think you're right, sir. The main thing stopping me is the fact that I've not yet read through the Holy Bible, end-to-end. I'm a cautious type- I like to know what I'm getting in to before taking major life decisions.

      Everything I've seen during my long road from atheism to God tells me that Christ was right, and that only Christianity has anything like a proper understanding of fundamental problems like the existence of evil, of the dilemma of free versus Divine will, and so on.

      But it'll take me some time yet to be fully convinced.

      I really think, conversely, that it's something you have to feel and only after that can you employ reason to see more clearly why you feel.

      Indeed. It was only when I realised that I no longer held any contempt or hatred toward God that I could begin to explore the reasons behind His Truth.

  3. I know too well from the more liberal types in my own family that they are, indeed, that blind, and willfully blind. And the "entertainers" of the elite are that smug, and just as blind, or worse, deceptive. I mentioned Colbert's "Trump supporters will be upset he lost because they think the election's rigged, and everyone else will be happy he lost because the elections aren't."

  4. I am waiting to respond to a Thanksgiving invite until after the election. The smug from my libtard fam, if Thecunt wins, will drown out all good cheer.

    Ah who am I kidding I won't go either way. We've decided to have roasted filet of beef with pommes de terre dauphinois and apple tartlets for dessert. I'm donating my turkey to my church for their annual food drive. My lib fam can either wail in sorrow or celebrate victory, I don't care for their company.

    Glad to see you're back in the USSA...I haven't commented in ages (I have a new handle).

    And just convert already. We're happy to have you! God bless.

  5. Amen brother.


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