Friday T&A: Turkey-Day Food Coma Edition

It's Black Friday, lads, which in the US means something quite different from what it does in most other parts of the world. Now, if you lot are proper God-fearing men (like me), you've left the crazed shopping orgies to the women and instead spent the day nursing an epic headache and food coma, sitting in front of the TV with a cold beer, watching sportzball and burping.

That is right and good.

Now that it's Friday night, though, the food coma will have worn off, and it will be time to get back to making America great again. And what better way to do that than with a highly gratuitous, yet thoroughly enjoyable, display of T&A?

(Note: Given that it's Black Friday, I could have taken the easy way out and just shown you... well, this. But frankly, they're not my type.)

With that in mind, gents, here is a random assortment of hot girls, thanks to

Louise Mikkelsen:

Andreea "Hey! My eyes are UP HERE!!!" Cristina:

Yarishna Ayala:

Lucy C. Miller:

BONUS: In keeping with our deplorable goal of making America great again, here's a blast from the past of the country's future First Lady.

Gun, high heels, hot babe in a red bikini and eff-me boots, and a big-ass jet. America- F**K YEAH!!!


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