Friday T&A: All-natural organic edition

Okay, I suspect that in a couple of cases the "all-natural" bit is really pushing the limits of credibility. But are you seriously about to complain?

Oh yeah- as I mentioned in last Friday's installment, there might have been a bit more A than T in that one. So I'm going to try to ensure that there is a more appropriate balance available from now on. Some of you might prefer one over the other; it's my duty as your humble servant to provide a resolutely impartial assortment of airbags as well as car cushions.

Today's natural wonders brought to you by

Technically the last one there might be considered more T than A, but I'd say there is a pretty good balance struck, wouldn't you?

BONUS: This one was sent to me by a certain lovely and charming Ukrainian lady (with a hilarious accent), and I have to say, it is very good advice:


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