And the Darwin Award for Best Oblivious Protest goes to...

This dumbass:

(H/T our Supreme Dark Overlord.)

Unfortunately, it was only an almost-Darwin Award. The stupid bint in question was lucky to be able to walk away from that. If the chap in that SUV had just been driving slightly more to the right, it would have been a Darwin Award.

The annoying thing is that, in this country- as far as I know, anyway- if you are driving a motor vehicle of some kind and you hit a pedestrian, it's your sodding fault.

Doesn't matter if said pedestrian fell out of an aeroplane, miraculously managed to deploy a parachute in time, landed on a very unfortunate rattlesnake slithering across the middle of Route 66, and was jumping up and down for joy at having escaped death and was completely oblivious to the fact that she'd landed right in front of your comically ridiculous Cadillac Marmalade Escalade. If you ran her over and she got killed by death, or even just winged, then it's YOUR FAULT.

I believe the same applies even when you're up against a female protester suffering from severe PMS- that would be "Protesting Made Stupid" to you and me- who very cluelessly decided to wanter onto a busy highway and got exactly what she deserved.

It's just too bad, really.

Anyway, chaps, it is generally considered terribly bad form to laugh at other people's misfortunes, eh, what? Therefore, let us laugh instead with everyone's favourite bosom friends as they proceed to make complete and utter spanners of themselves- God love them for it:

Only a few more days, and the boys are BACK!!!!!

If you haven't gotten your Amazon Prime subscription yet, go forth and get it NOW. Friday nights should be an absolute riot for the next 10 weeks or so.


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