Yes, they're ALL "like that"

[T]he secret of steel has always carried with it a mystery. You must learn its riddle, Conan, you must learn its discipline. For no one, no one in this world can you trust. Not men, not women, not beasts... This you can trust.

-- Conan the Barbarian's father, explaining to him the secret of steel
When a man gets his first dose of what we in this particular part of teh Interwebz have taken to calling "the red pill", and that lightning bolt of truth hits us squarely between the eyes, one of the absolute hardest aspects of that package to digest is the concept of "AWALT".

The acronym simply stands for: "All Women Are Like That". And once upon a time, this was well known and well understood: there are no special snowflakes. There are no princesses purer than driven snow. Women simply are what they are, and nothing can change that fact.

The basic truths of masculinity, which were once passed down from father to son and which once formed the bedrock of healthy civilisations the world over, held no illusions whatsoever about the nature of women. But somewhere in the recent past, much of the world has forgotten these simple truths, and a great rediscovery has had to take place.

That process of rediscovery has shattered many of the simple illusions that men have about women. For instance, many of us were taught as we entered our teen years that we should always be "nice" to girls, that we should "express our feelings", that we should never push for sex, that we should always act like gentlemen and pay for everything. They are taught that women are "special", and must be treated as goddesses no matter how foolish or irrational their actions are, and that a man should feel blessed if a woman deigns to pay him any attention.

Most men, at least in the Anglo-Saxon west (and, let's be brutally honest, most of South and East Asia), never learn from these grave mistakes. They never get past the basic programming that was dinned into them by their well-meaning parents and the culture that they lived in.

But we do know better. We've seen the evidence firsthand. And, if you understand anything about what women are really like, you will immediately see their true natures manifest themselves in every interaction that you have with a pretty woman.

As I have said before, I've been having some really quite entertaining interactions over a social media program with a certain lady of late, stretching over a period of about two months (and counting). What follows below validates several of the key game concepts that so many of our fellow bloggers have been talking and writing about for years.

The point of this is simply to show that, no matter how hard you try, there really is no way to fight the truth.

1. Men Reason, Women Feel

If you've never read the book, The Way of the Superior Man, by David Deida, I recommend it strongly. Once you get past the neo-hippy prose style, which sounds altogether too much like a bunch of hocus-pocus New Age mysticism blended together with the sounds of unicorn farts- what with all of that blather about "masculine and feminine energies"- you will realise that it contains some of the most powerfully distilled masculine wisdom ever written down on paper.

One of those truths concerns the radical difference between the way men and women think.

As the book clearly states, when a man says he will do something, he is giving his word. His actions are dictated by his ability to reason through the consequences of his words and his deeds. His purpose is defined based on his given word. If he fails to live up to his stated purpose, he has failed. He has broken his word, and this diminishes him as a man.

That is because a masculine man is driven first and foremost by reason, not passion. As such, his future actions are Markovian in nature- they are dictated by past and present events, and as such there is a clear expectation of outcome attached to them.

This does not hold true for a feminine woman. Such a woman's actions are not dictated by long-term planning, but by her current emotional state. If she is angry, she will say and do things that she will, for all intents and purposes, simply forget later on- because she feels differently at that point in time.

Her actions are random in nature, with nothing predictable by way of expected outcomes.

A clear demonstration of this was provided to me when my lady friend, who I've actually been acquainted with for quite some time now and who lives in a completely different country, mentioned to me several months ago that she would be in town and would be in touch to see if we could get together for a drink.

If a male friend of mine had said the same thing, I would have expected him to hold true to his word, and he almost certainly would have. He would have contacted me and said, "bro, let's meet at X bar on Y day at Z time", and that would have been that- simple, concise, logical.

So I simply said yes and waited- even though I knew, somewhere in the back of my mind, that she would almost surely flake.

And of course, she never did get in touch.

She explained to me later that she was "nervous" to contact me, because she thought that I would be busy and would not have time for her. Her actions were dictated entirely by her emotional state, rather than by her previously given commitment.

In years past, this would have made me both resentful and angry. But these days, such things don't bother me anymore. It simply is what it is, and there is not the slightest point in attempting to fight it.

The only thing you can do when confronted with "flaking" behaviour is to swiftly and cleanly move on. The only exception is if your fair companion gets back in touch with you, apologises, and attempts to make amends- as she did.

2. It Ain't Just a Buzzword

This "young" lady is actually older than me, and that means that her biological clock isn't just buzzing urgently; its ticking is becoming deafening.

Worse, she comes from a culture where, if girls do get married, they will get married young and start raising families relatively early; by the time they get to their mid-thirties, if they are not settled down and married, they are considered "damaged goods". (I come from a similar culture, so I can sympathise- but that's about all I'm going to do.)

Now, you would think that such a woman would therefore be a lot less picky than, say, a hot 25-year-old with lots of options, since her sexual market value is basically dropping off a cliff at this point.

And you would be wrong.

The concept of "hypergamy" within game circles has become an overused and rather irritating buzzword, but its basic truth holds true nonetheless. At its simplest, the term notes the observed and observable fact that women always seek out the highest-status man that they can secure. It is an instinctive impulse for them, and it is extremely difficult for a woman to override or overcome it.

So during the course of my interactions with this (really quite charming) lady, the subject of her desire to get married and settle down did come up. I poked fun at her by saying that she would not be satisfied unless she married a rich man. She vehemently denied this, but then undermined her own denial by stating flatly that she would never marry a man who fixes cars for a living, because such a man would be well below her own socioeconomic status.

That is, of course, true. And that also partly explains her interest in me. She knows what I do for a living, where I work, roughly where I live, which company I work for, and so on and so forth. Without going into any major details, let's just say that I do all right for myself in those departments.

While she herself is not a gold-digger, the distance between what she said and what a true divorce-raping narbipolbitchistic woman can and absolutely WILL do to a man, by marrying him because he's in twoo wove, then taking him to court, tearing his genitals out through his wallet, is about the distance from your chair to your bank account.

Most men who have never been exposed to masculine truths will never see a gold-digger coming. They think that their jobs and salaries and wealth are what will help them attract women- and those things do help, up to a point. The problem is, they attract all the wrong KINDS of women.

The good women that they actually want, the ones who will make them good wives and mothers for their children, are the very, very rare ones who can override their hypergamous instincts and "settle" for the lieutenant, with the express aim of investing in him so that he becomes the general- instead of sleeping around with every general that they find.

3. Never Show Weakness Under Fire

The concept of "frame" is another major core theory of game. It essentially comes down to maintaining one's composure and charisma under stress- and believe me, if you are involved with women at any level, whether as a son, a brother, a man with his lady, a husband with his wife, or a father with his daughter, your strength and composure will be tested.

Women constantly test the men in their lives. They needle us and push us and test us. Many men throw up their hands in despair at this, asking in vain why women can't be more like men and just accept that men are flawed and fallible.

But this is completely missing the point. Women cannot help testing us, any more than the Sun can help the fact that it rises in the east every morning. It is part of who they are.

And as men, it is up to us to learn how to recognise those tests, maintain frame, and blow through them.

Recently this lady tested me, hard, by asking if I would be jealous and unhappy if she decided to see other men until such time as we meet, whether it be a month or three months or six months from now. I responded, truthfully, that I wanted her to be happy and that if her goal was to get married as soon as possible, then she should go about doing whatever it takes to get herself to that point.

She was quite shocked by this- and her response was extremely revealing.

She replied by saying- on a video chat, so it's not like she could hide behind a text message- that she could not contemplate the idea of my going out on, say, Tinder, looking for women to meet, because she couldn't stand the idea of a man that she liked being with anyone else.

My statement was driven by logic and a cold appreciation for the facts of time and distance and separation. Her response to it was driven by emotion and fear.

The natural reaction of most men to the prospect of losing access to sex is usually to backpedal, or to attempt to hold on as hard as possible to what already exists- because men who have been alone for long stretches of time know in their very bones the crippling anxiety, the fear, the loneliness, and the misery that comes with being single like that. And that feeling gets worse the older a man gets.

The reaction of a man who has options, and whose mindset is one of abundance and plenty, is to simply shrug and move on.

It isn't difficult to figure out which one is the better response when tested- as you inevitably will be.

4. First, Do No Harm

"Asshole game" is the term used to refer to the idea that, when interacting with a woman, a man should be almost irrationally self-confident, saying borderline outrageous things in order to build attraction and interest.

There is nothing in the world wrong with doing this as long as it's done in a humourous way; confidence, combined with articulate charisma and good humour, is catnip to women. It is a highly effective technique, backed by ***SCIENCE*** no less. (That is not sarcasm, there are very good evolutionary reasons why this works.)

But there is a point where such behaviour crosses the line and becomes actively hurtful. It is incumbent upon a man to recognise where this line lies, and to avoid crossing over it.

One should never, ever stop teasing one's woman. With the lady in question, I routinely poke fun at her hands, which she insists are dainty and ladylike and which I insist are rather large. And I have no problem gently sending up the fact that she recently went to the hairdresser and emerged with her long straight hair dyed an interesting shade of dark orange, which eventually faded into a light brunette sort of colour.

But eventually, I screwed up and crossed over that line.

I was doing what I thought amounted to joking around with her when I said that, if she found someone and got married, we could always look forward to that hot affair we were going to have twice a year. This was a point made in jest, but she took umbrage at it.

The one thing that no woman can abide is being called promiscuous to her face- even if she is in fact hopping beds every other night.

And this lady, for all of her faults, is not, in fact, promiscuous. She has a history- any woman her age who isn't married does- but I've been careful never to ask about it, because as far as I'm concerned, it's irrelevant.

At that moment, I crossed the line from playful banter and "negging", straight into very personal and hurtful insults.

Suffice to say that it took a bit of doing to straighten out that mess.

If, however, you do find yourself making this mistake, understand one thing: DO NOT grovel. I didn't. I simply stated plainly that a misunderstanding had taken place- I never once said "sorry", in fact.

We spoke over the phone, and I explained to her that I do not believe that long-distance relationships work, that she ought to do whatever makes her happiest, and that all I wanted for her was to be happy.

It seems to have worked. She's been blowing up my phone with messages and video chat requests every single day for the past week.

5. Baby Rabies is Real, and Scary

Related closely to the notion of a woman's biological clock ticking down, most masculine men have come across the concept of "baby rabies". If that name scares the willies out of you, that's good- it bloody well ought to.

I have encountered two (thankfully mild- so far) cases of this particularly nasty disease in my time. I suspect I'm going to run into a few more as I get older. Fortunately nothing has come of it, yet, because those two ladies- one past, the other present, the very one who has been the subject of this entire missive, in fact- either dropped out of my life or were too far away to do anything about it.

The source of this disease always comes back to the hard, immutable biological fact that sperm is cheap, but eggs are expensive. A woman has a very short time window, relative to her lifespan, to get busy and have kids. For most women, that window is 20 years long- between the ages of 15 and 35, plus or minus a few years at the tail end.

Men, however, can sire children starting from 15- that's a conservative low-end- to well into their 70s.

That hard biological reality, combined with the tremendous strain in terms of resources that having children puts on a woman, makes it natural and sensible for a woman to have children early, and get it over and done with.

Women who ignore this basic reality pay a severe price for their lack of foresight when they realise that they are running out of chances to conceive and bear children. At that point, their attractiveness is declining, their fertility is dropping off a cliff, and the men to whom they are most attracted as potential mates are not attracted to them.

This makes for some decidedly irrational behaviour, at least from a man's perspective. Women who suffer from baby rabies are desperate to find a man with whom they can get busy.

For any self-aware man, such a woman represents great potential danger. She may well be a lot of fun to hang out with; she may be very easy to get into the sack; but the moment the fun ends and you realise that you just knocked up a woman who spent her best years on the pole and the carousel, or in bad relationships, or in lengthy relationships that never went anywhere, you're in real trouble.

You're staring down the barrel of a minimum of 18 years of what is colloquially referred to as "baby-jail". That's a huge chunk of your life, your earnings, and your peace of mind gone down the drain if you didn't actually plan to have kids with a woman you plan on wife-ing up.

The Price of Truth

My final bit of wisdom, if you want to call it that, has to do with the price that you will have to pay, one way or another, for learning these truths.

It has been said by Vox and Roosh that "game is the gateway drug". And that is absolutely true. The moment you realise that you have been ripped off and lied to all your life about women, money, sex, power, and virtually everything else, you can never go back. You cannot un-see these things. You can choose to try to ignore them, but the truth never goes away; it simply is what it is.

And sooner or later, you have to pay a terrible price for accepting those truths.

In the case of the lady in question, I can already foresee what will happen.

Because my interactions with her have built up her interest and attraction, she has pursued me almost single-mindedly; I make her feel happy about herself even though we're separated by an entire ocean and quite a bit of landmass in between.

For my part, I told her the same thing that I tell my readers: I will never lie to you. I may choose not to answer specific questions, or I may not give the entire story, but I will not lie.

This lady wishes to start a family. I heartily approve- but, as I told her point-blank a few days ago, she should have made that exact same decision ten years ago. She didn't, and now she is paying the price for it.

And even if we do meet and get along as well in person as we have over the phone and via video chats, the fact remains that she is over there, and I am over here, separated by entire worlds, cultures, and language barriers.

Nothing in the immediate future will change those things.

In other words, she cannot have what she wants with me. And she is running out of time.

Sooner or later- sooner, if I have my way- these things will have to be said, at the risk of hurting very badly a lovely young woman who is sweet, affectionate, caring, pretty, and very feminine.

The alternative, however, is much, much worse. And it is one that no strong and honourable man should ever choose. To mislead a good and decent woman is wrong, no matter how you try to disguise your intentions. Never lie to a woman- it just isn't worth it.

Instead, choose to make yourself better by committing yourself to learning the truth. Become a better, stronger version of yourself. Push yourself to the limits of your abilities in all areas of your life. Do not take for granted the time that is given to you to do this, but choose instead to use it to make your life, and the lives of the women who share it, better in every way.


  1. "...because men who have been alone for long stretches of time know in their very bones the crippling anxiety, the fear, the loneliness, and the misery that comes with being single like that. And that feeling gets worse the older a man gets."
    I've been incel for more than 20 years now. The feeling of loneliness eventually subsides knowing I can't trust or depend on a woman for anything.
    "The reaction of a man who has options, and whose mindset is one of abundance and plenty, is to simply shrug and move on."
    The thing is though, that there is a real scarcity of attractive women, especially young (age 18 to 25) attractive women. If there truly was an abundance of young beautiful women, they would not be able to monetize their looks for as much they currently do via the black market of strippers and prostitution. "A woman has a very short time window, relative to her lifespan, to get busy and have kids. For most women, that window is 20 years long- between the ages of 15 and 35, plus or minus a few years at the tail end."
    Ages 15 to 27 would be more accurate. By age 30, a woman has a much higher chance of having a child afflicted with downs syndrome or some other genetic defect which increases every year after age 30.

  2. I've been slowly making my own observations and coming to my own conclusions about some social dynamics, that: (1) pretty much everyone overestimates their social and sexual worth by generations; (2) "baby jail" can be considered child farming for the professional; (3) and that somewhere along the line "independence" has been given social status it shouldn't.


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