Want to know where you can stick your PSA?

One of the rather odd things about living in the US has always been the fact that, somewhere, somehow, there is ALWAYS an election of some sort or another looming. This country is highly unusual in that respect; while I was living in the UK, general elections were only really relevant to the hysterical nanny-statists who run national (mental) institutions like the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation and Pravda The Guardian.

But in the US, elections are KIND OF A BIG DEAL. Always have been. And there's always one around the corner somewhere, it would seem.

They are such a big deal, in fact, that in order to remind us how important this particular national bout with electile dysfunction is going to be, a fat bloke who goes by the name of Joss Whedon- you may be familiar with some of his work- decide to rope together a few of his besties from some movie that I still haven't seen, and got them to make a star-studded public service announcement.

Apparently the message in that ad is that y'all need to vote for the Rottenmuncher, because muh-soggy-knees. Or something.

Now, obviously, I'm not going to waste my time and energy on what a bunch of liberaltards have to say about your election- I don't care HOW epic Scarlett Johansson's rack is, there is NO WAY I will ever do anything to in any way endorse the Bitch for President.

(Seriously, just HOW TERRIBLE a candidate for the Presidency do you have to be when even the sight of the actress who plays Black Widow in a skin-tight dress that shows off her sweater snowballs can't convince a straight man to vote for you?)

Fortunately a few enterprising citizens did my job for me and put together a couple of response PSAs, which should serve to illustrate in summary fashion why celebrities very probably shouldn't be allowed to vote:

See, now that's not bad, at all. But, as always, if you want something done right, better leave it to a veteran- or, in this case, a whole bunch of them:


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