In my last post on the Hilldebeast, I pointed out that there is an image floating around teh InterWebz that takes the Bitch's stupidity to its logical conclusion. As troll jobs go, it was a damned good one. In the comments I got a request from Laguna Beach Fogey to post a few more. Since this blog belongs to you lot of crazy lovable bastards as much as it does to me, it gives me great pleasure to oblige.

So, 'ere we go, lads. Time for us shitlords to troll like it's 2000 again.

(First one is courtesy of Badger Brigadon)

That last one has got to be my favourite. Yes, by all means, let us end the massive disparity in combat deaths! It's high time we had equality on the battlefield, boys and girls! Are you with her or not?!?



  1. There'll be no equality on the battlefield until they enforce compulsory Depo provera implants for women. As you likely well know, the merest sniff of an actual hot zone deployment and bang! Knocked up and shipped home.

    Funny that.


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