That puckering feeling in the rectum...

That's the feeling that the Hilldebeast is undoubtedly experiencing right now- because the polls, which have been all over the place during this election cycle, are now tightening, and that spells very big trouble for the Rottenmuncher:
Donald Trump holds a narrow two-point lead over Hillary Clinton in battleground Florida, as the two camps fight over a state that both are calling a big prize. 
Trump leads Clinton by 45 to 43 in the latest Bloomberg News poll in a race where third party candidates are included. 
In a hypothetical two-way match up between the two main contenders, Trump's lead falls to just one point, 46 to 45 per cent. 
Among critical independent voters, Trump is holding a narrow lead of 43 to 41 per cent.
It's not just Florida. It's becoming a national phenomenon:
Polls are tightening in the presidential race with less than two weeks to go before Election Day. 
Some new surveys show Democrat Hillary Clinton’s national polling edge narrowing and Republican Donald Trump performing more strongly in the swing state of Florida. 
Trump still faces a steep uphill climb, and the Electoral College map is extremely challenging for him. But the movement in the poll numbers gives his campaign hope after perhaps the worst phase of his campaign. 
A new Bloomberg poll in Florida gave Trump a 2-point edge on Wednesday. In the RealClearPolitics (RCP) polling average in the Sunshine State, Clinton’s edge has been eroded from 4 percentage points on Oct. 21 to 1.6 points now. 
In the RCP national average, Clinton’s lead has softened from 7.1 points on Oct. 17 to 5.1 points now. 
If the polls froze in their current position, Clinton would win the White House comfortably. But the fluidity is causing even some Democrats to warn against complacency. 
“I think we have to wait and see where we are a week from now,” said one Democratic strategist who asked for anonymity to speak candidly. “But races aren’t over 13 days out. Races are over on Election Day.”
Let's not get our hopes up just yet. There is still a very real likelihood that The Bitch will be sworn in as President of the United States of America next January- at which point, it's game over. Stick a fork in America, the country is done.

And let's be real about one thing. President Trump is not going to save the country. I may call him the God-Emperor, but that nickname is half-ironic because, in the Warhammer 40K universe, the God-Emperor of Mankind saw his glorious dream for his race shattered by the climactic battle against evil incarnate.

(Sometimes reality imitates fiction, and not the other way around.)

But the signs are in Mr. Trump's favour. I, for one, am very much hoping that I can go to my aunt's place for Thanksgiving this year- she lives in a ridiculously deep-blue county and is herself the flightiest of airheaded liberals- to find everyone else in a deep funk about the fact that The Bitch lost.

That would be an epic moment. I would get through my list of thanks- I know I'm going to be the only one at the table who will thank the Lord of Creation, and that's even with supposed Christians sitting there- and then, right at the end, I'll be able to say:
And I'm thankful for one more thing. I thank God for the fact that I can say these words- which at one point I thought I would never, ever be able to say in public: thank You, Lord, for PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump!!!
I would be lucky to walk out of there without being pelted with food- at minimum. (Actually, at a table of effete liberals, I'd probably be the only one who has ever formed an actual fist, so I would likely be fine. Not to mention that I am always armed with some form of weapon.)

But it would be totally worth it.


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