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Kapios had a question for me about the poor bastards that are going to inherit the Earth after the Millennials:
Could this be an indicator that there is an over-supply of whores in the US who inspired other girls around the world to do those kind of things? If so, then my generation of millennials is truly fucked in the head and we would probably see mass suicides as Bill Whittle mentioned (though he was referring to young people being spoiled). 
With that in mind what do you think is going to happen to generations after millennials, not only for sexual pursuits but life in general?
I suppose I should preface my answer to this question by saying that both Kapios and I are, technically, Millennials.

However, I suspect that he probably shares my attitude that my views, my cynicism, my values, and my utter lack of tolerance for bullshit, are probably much more in line with Gen-Xers, if only they'll have me. (Please?!?!)

Unfortunately, we're stuck being Millennials. And as such, we're basically Gen-Screwed.

But his question was about what happens after us, and I consider that to be a rather worthy one in its own right, which I will endeavour to answer in three parts below.

Of course, because we're both from Gen-Y- the most self-absorbed, doltish, intellectually stunted, mollycoddled, pampered, inattentive, and downright entitled generation ever seen in human history- I'll have to provide a very simple summary; otherwise nobody will remember a damn thing that I wrote.

After all, Millennials, with the very honourable exceptions who read this blog and others like it, are known for having the attention span of a goldfish*.



And even then I'm pretty sure that most Millennials stopped reading after about the second paragraph.

Anyway, enough Millennial-bashing for now. On to the actual answer to the question.

My honest opinion is that the next generation after me is in for an extremely rude awakening. As bad as Millennials are, the next generation is even less well equipped and intellectually prepared for the world as it is, rather than as they would wish it to be.

I have more than a passing interest in this question, by the way. The age gap between my sister and me is significant, and in terms of attitudes and values, she is far more liberal and progressive than I have ever been. Our differences are so large that I do, in fact, consider her to be from a different generation than mine. Don't get me wrong, I love my little sister unreservedly and I'd do just about anything to keep her safe and provided for, but she is very, very different from me.

So I do have some anecdotal evidence, based on my sister's attitudes and behaviours, that gives some idea of just how bad things are going to get.

Gen-Z: Wild Children, Unruly Adults

The first thing to understand about both Millennials, or Gen-Y, and the Post-Millennials, or the iGeneration, is that they are extremely coddled and intellectually stunted. But as bad as Millennials are, the next generation is even worse.

That, in and of itself, is terrifying to contemplate.

Remember that Millennials are the most narcissistic, thin-skinned generation the world has yet seen. Many of my peers grew up constantly being told that they were special and wonderful, and that participation trophies were just as good as real trophies. This is of course horseshit, but not all of us know this. And even the somewhat more enlightened ones, who were raised by loving but stern parents who didn't subscribe to the notion that one should "spare the switch and spoil the child" (like me), have had to learn more than a few things the hard way of late.

Ours is supposedly the most educated and least xenophobic generation in history. For all of that, though, we're also almost certainly the stupidest as well- remember, there is a difference between being "bright" and being smart, and there is a difference between being "educated" and being intelligent.

Millennials may be bright- or at least, some of us are. Millennials may be educated. But we're not smart. We're blithering idiots in a lot of ways.

And no matter how hard you try, you can't fix stupid.

Now consider what will happen when Millennials start having children, as many of my cohort have already started to do. As bad as Millennials are when it comes to being molly-coddled, can you imagine what is going to happen if those same precious snowflakes decide to start raising children, and run face-first into the realities of child-rearing?

Many of the Millennials were born during a time of unprecedented stress on traditional family structures. For previous generations, growing up in stable married households was normal. For Millennials, has become something of an anomaly. And that anomaly is rapidly becoming the new normal for future generations.

Gen-Z, the cohort born about a decade after the Millennial period, will have grown up during a period in which traditional families don't really exist any more, except as a pleasant fiction in the minds of many people. In this day and age, it is "normal" to have children from multiple parents under a single roof, or to have children raised by absentee fathers and single mothers.

From what I can see, things were rarely this bad, even for most Millennials. But they're that bad, and worse, for those who come after us.

The Opportunity Gap

On top of being born and brought up in an era in which traditional family dynamics have been thrown straight into the shitter, Millennials, and those who come after us, will have to deal with the single greatest economic depression since the 1930s- one which shows absolutely no sign of ending anytime soon, and is virtually certain to get far worse before the end of the next decade.

I was having a discussion about this with Didact Sr. a couple of weeks back about the fact that Gen-Y is totally screwed economically. I mentioned to him that his generation- he is part of what Westerners would call the "Baby Boomers"- benefited immensely from the peace and prosperity that followed the Cold War. My father was in his late thirties by the time the Berlin Wall fell, and as we all know, the two decades that followed it were times of peace and plenty throughout the Western hemisphere.

My family profited greatly from these good times. My father's career took off during this period, and his job took us around the world and both my sister and I grew up wanting for nothing. My parents worked hard, saved heavily, lived well (thanks in no small part to corporate expat benefits), and passed their values on down to us.

My father agreed entirely with this. He knows, as I do, that his generation was very fortunate. And because he was frugal and sensible with their money, my parents have built a good life for themselves and for our family.

By the time I entered the workforce, though, the good times were evaporating. I was extremely lucky to graduate and start working the year before the Great Recession hit; the very next year, when I stopped by my alma mater for an alumni get-together, my friends and I walked out feeling severely depressed at how hopeless that batch of students was about their job prospects.

That recession, as we now know, was nothing like previous economic downturns. It was the start of a protracted Greater Depression, one that future generations will remember with every bit as much fear and loathing as the Greatest Generation remembered what they went through.

The major difference between that Depression and this one is the extent to which governments and financial institutions around the world are desperately trying to preserve the status quo. Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal and the subsequent massive government takeovers that it engineered, absolutely pale in comparison to the way that Western governments have systematically taken over the financial services, healthcare, and education industries in the past 8 years.

They have done this in the name of "the greater good". In reality, all that they have done is postponed the day of final reckoning. And that day will likely come for our children, not just for us.

"Don't worry, I identify as a shinguard"

On top of the still-unfolding economic disaster that is before us, we have an unparalleled social disaster to deal with as well. Part of that social disaster is self-inflicted, and part of it is externally imposed.

No matter which direction it comes from, though, the fact remains that both Gen-Y and Gen-Z have grown up with some decidedly peculiar ideas about sex, race, and culture.

It is not uncommon to walk onto college campuses these days and find students spouting complete nonsense in a tone of utmost sincerity- as I discovered repeatedly every time I went to my little sister's college in the Midwest for a visit.

There, I would find students claiming that more government spending and welfare are good things, that "non-binary genders" exist, that it is entirely possible for a man to become a woman simply through hormone therapy and genital self-mutilation, that gender itself is nothing more than a social construct, and that men sodomising each other in the name of "sexual freedom" is not only acceptable but normal.

If such lunacy was confined only to college campuses, then perhaps Millennials and their offspring would be insulated to some extent from it. But it is not. This blithering stupidity is now commonplace within our schools, right down to the kindergarten level. It is now accepted by the Federal government, under Barack Obummer's laughably incompetent administration. It is now peddled as fact by the mainstream media.

These things are, of course, historical, moral, and civilisational aberrations. If you look back over the entire scope of human history over the last 10,000 years, you will find that civilisations that have reached this level of madness were, without exception, well on their way to complete destruction.

And that is precisely the problem.

Gen-Y is living through this long swan-dive into oblivion that is the destruction of our culture. We might be able to fix it, if enough of us are slapped in the face enough times with a wet mackerel, but I doubt it. More likely, most of us will simply aid in that destruction, either through apathy, or willing participation.

But Gen-Z will not know what it was like to live in a strong, masculine, Christian culture in which temperance and moral character were more than just buzzwords. And our children, raised in a moral wasteland with no recourse to the great wisdom of our fathers and grandfathers, will have no understanding of what was lost.

What Is To Be Done

In the final summary, I am brought once again back to Rollo's maxim: "Save those you can, read last rites to the dying".

The final, cataclysmic destruction of Western civilisation is not completely inevitable. Not yet. There is still a remote possibility that some of its best features can be saved.

But saving those things will require tremendous effort and great hardship. And it is a few of us Millennials- we few, we happy, we band of brothers- that must carry that cross.

The rest of our generation, and those who follow us, will never know what it was like to live free in a nation built by real men. But we will, because we are the ones who must secure that freedom- with blood, and toil, and no small sacrifice.

The generation that comes after us will never know what it means to live free in a nation under Almighty God, in which the Word of Christ has both meaning and weight, if we do not rebuild it for them.

This can only happen if Millennials, and specifically Millennial men, begin relentlessly improving themselves by recapturing the ancient wisdom of our fathers. The reality is that everything we need to create and maintain a free and healthy society is contained in the heritage passed on to us by them. We simply need to rediscover it.

The problem is that this rediscovery necessarily involves great pain. And pain is something that Millennials, and Gen-Zers, have been conditioned into thinking of as a Bad Thing.

It is not. Pain is merely a signal which, if properly interpreted, tells us that we are enduring discomfort of some kind. The hard reality is that nothing good in life comes without pain of some kind.

Hand-in-hand with that pain comes love. The best kind of love is unconditional: love of family, of country, of Almighty God. Through that pain, and through the sacrifices that come from pain, we can best experience the joy and beauty of such love. And it is that love which will sustain us and carry us through the trials to come.

So if you are a young man under the age of 30, commit yourself today to rediscovering that which was lost, so that "we may build, from age to age, an undefiled heritage".

Begin reading the great works of literature that the media and the education establishment tells us were written by "dead white men", and are therefore worthy of naught but scorn.

Return to the gym, and forge yourself anew within the iron crucible. Regain your lost strength and masculine pride.

Trust not in the company of loose Western city-bred women, who open their legs to any man that they fancy. Such women treat themselves like Kleenex, and are worthy of about as much respect. A woman who does not maintain her youth and beauty, and who attempts to spend her prime years living it up in the vain pursuit of hedonistic pleasures, is not worthy of your time, your money, your commitment and love, and certainly not of your seed.

If you are a family-minded man (like me), find yourself a good woman from a conservative, Christian family- a virgin, if at all possible- and, if you are capable of staying faithful to one woman for the rest of your life, commit to her. (The majority of men, by the way, will fail this test. That does not mean it is a worthless one; I have personally witnessed several very happy and stable marriages that were completely monogamous and which lasted for decades, literally until death did them part.)

If you do settle down and get married, never stop improving yourself. Never give your wife reason to think that she has to take charge- she will resent you for it if you do. Never stop being the man, the leader, the captain of the ship. Never shrug off your responsibilities to her as her protector, her rock, and her leader.

Bring forth healthy children into this world. Raise them with a loving but firm hand. Never give your sons reason to doubt your strength and leadership as a man. Never give your daughters reason to doubt that you will do anything to protect them and keep them safe.

Maintain your faith in the Lord. Believe that He has a plan for us, and this madness too shall pass. Believe that this Time of Testing is both necessary and right. Believe, above all, that the Lord loves those who have faith in Him, flawed and fallen though we are. I used to doubt these things once; indeed, I refused to believe in His very existence. There is no doubt in my mind any longer, and my faith in Him deepens every day. I have witnessed His power and love firsthand; I pray to Him often for strength in troubled times, and without fail my faith has been rewarded, even though I am not Christian.

We owe our children the best world that we can give them. Most of us will fail that test because we know nothing more than what we were given. But those of us who have shaken off the chains that we were handed by this world have been given a chance that our fathers never were: to rebuild Western, Christian civilisation anew.

That is a God-given duty. How can we possibly refuse?

*This, by the way, is why I've taken increasingly to writing in shorter paragraphs than I used to back when I first started blogging. That, and the fact that not every thought of mine deserves its own freakin' essay, which I am sorry to say took me a little time to figure out.


  1. Dude, due to your closed posting policy, you are never going to have many responses, but PLEASE KEEP BLOGGING!

    You produce quality. And it is appreciated.

    1. Thank you very much, it is a pleasure to hear that from my readers.

  2. I think the most important keywords in this article are 'pain' and 'discomfort'. It's only recently that I realised just how spoiled I am and while the process of becoming NORMAL (i.e not having the attention span of a gold fish) again is going to take months I'm already feeling much happier about it.

    I'm not sure about the belief to God as the being that will help us rebuild society but as some manosphere guys have noted before, millennials have given up one religion (Christianity mainly) for another. Veganism, Feminism, Fetishes and lord knows what kind of stupid beliefs people hold so firmly and dearly to the exclusion of others.

    P.S I thought Didact was a late Gen X because his writing looks more advanced. But yeah, don't feel like Gen X is a much better generation. They had their major downfalls as well. The ones that do need to fuck off this earth immediately however, are the baby boomers.


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