Please shoot the Bieber-clone in the face

LastRedoubt pointed me toward the trailer for the next John Wick film, and I have to say, it looks BADASS:

I didn't get around to watching the first John Wick until, I think, April this year. This was despite the fact that reader Carey had emphatically told me how good it was back in March- LAST year.

In my defence, I can be somewhat dense sometimes and I have (admittedly) terrible taste in movies.

Hey, I didn't say it was a good defence.

Anyway, so I finally sat my ass down and watched John Wick. I was hooked within the first ten minutes.

I did not think that Keanu Reeves had that kind of acting depth to him. I've always thought of him as this sort of emotionless robot who can only speak in one tone of voice and is best suited to either big-budget action films like The Matrix (I do not consider the "sequels" to be worthy of mentioning by name), or more offbeat comedies like The Replacements.

Don't get me wrong, he's actually a great actor. It just doesn't seem like he would be given his CV.

And then I watched John Wick. Hoo boy, was I ever wrong.

This new film looks like it's going to take all of the best stuff from the first movie and then crank the speakers all the way up to 11. Which is great. But the thing I like the most, potentially, about this new movie is the fact that one of the main antagonists appears to look an AWFUL lot like Justin Bieber.

Given the pattern established by the previous film, and looking at what happens in the trailer, it would appear that he, too, will get shot in the face by our anti-hero.

To which I say: do we REALLY have to wait through TWO HOURS OF MOVIE to see that happen?!?!?


  1. Keanu Reeves will always be Theodore Logan from Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure days. He will never live that down. But other good films he was in: Constantine, Devil's Advocate with Al Pacino, and Point Break.

  2. Three good movies this year.

    13 Hours
    John Wick


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