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Somewhere in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin is laughing his arse off:

(h/t Vox Day @ Alpha Game)

Before anyone says anything, I suspect it's a likely troll job. If so, it's a damn good one.

Problem is, I can just see the Bitch being willing to do something precisely this stupid.

I swear, if this comes to pass, it will be time to pack up and head for the hills because the next thing that is going to happen is the Annihilation of Sodom 2.0. I can think of no clearer indication that the US government has completely lost the plot than if it were suddenly to require women to be drafted.

Quite aside from the havoc that such a policy would wreak on the actual fighting power of the US armed forces from having yet more estrogen introduced into the art of war- that manliest (in the best and worst possible sense of the word) of all occupations- one has to wonder how stupid the government would have to be in sending women to die on the front lines.

As I and others have very coldly pointed out, the fact remains that if you want to have enough cannon-fodder available to win a war, you need to have the means to produce that cannon-fodder. That means that you need the ability to produce fighting men. And for that, you need women to get knocked up and give birth to sons who can then go get shot and blown up and maimed and burned and horribly wounded for God and King and Country.

That is the reality of war. And that is what the Hilldebeast apparently wants to force women to experience. (Again, it's highly likely that some clever wag decided to do the internet equivalent of pantsing the Rottenmuncher and her non-stop banshee-like shrieking.)

I cannot think of a more obvious sign of a decadent and stupid civilisation that richly deserves destruction from On High.


  1. There's a companion pic that goes with this one:

  2. yes, it's a meme job. There are dozens more where that comes from.

    My favorite is this one:

  3. Troll job--but it's working.

    More, please.


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