Friday T&A: Благодарю Бога за русских девушек Edition

Google Translate tells me that the bit of gobbledegook that's in the title translates into "Thank God for Russian girls". For the, like, two Slavic-speaking people who read this tumbleweed-infested blog of alcohol-fuelled nonsense and know how to read Cyrillic, don't blame me if that's not accurate, technically it ain't my fault.

If I did, in fact, use the wrong phrase (which is a virtual certainty), anyone who speaks actual Russian- without a Georgian accent, thank you very much- is free to correct me in the comments below.

Assuming, of course, you get past the ladies.

Note: I had to do a fair bit of arduous (read: really good fun) research to find all of these, so I hope you guys appreciate it.

(It also occurred to me while I was putting this together that there might be a bit more A than T this week. That wasn't intentional. I intend to correct that egregious oversight next week.)

Enjoy your weekend, all you lovable bastards.


  1. Translation is spot on. Google's Translate monster is improving.

    1. Thanks mate.

      Though that is just a bit creepy. SkyNet is not too far away from becoming sentient... and then we are all BONED.

    2. Nah, it still can't do anything more complex than simple phrases. I'd give it at least another 5-10 years.


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