Fat-shame away, luv

Nicole Arbour, who you may or may not have come across in the past, is something of a character. She is a YouTube personality who combines the over-the-top perkiness of a cheerleader with the pneumatic looks of Malibu Barbie, topped off by a pretty effective caustic wit.

Her comedy routines are a little hit-or-miss, and being Canadian she is more than a little misinformed on the subject of rapefugees refugees, for instance, but she does have a way about her that I find pretty funny.

(Speaking of Canada... That is the country that produced Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, and Prime Minister Justin Bieber- uh, I mean, Trudeau. Do you Americans ever find yourselves wondering if you're looking to BUILD THAT DAMN WALL on the wrong border? Just sayin', chaps...)

Anyway, a little over a year ago, the hyper-pneumatic Ms. Arbour put forth a video called "Dear Fat People" and... well, the internet completely and totally lost its shit faster than Nic Cage.

Here's the video, by the way:

Now, maybe it's because I'm an asshole. (Granted.) Or maybe it's because I used to be pretty fat myself a little over 5 years ago before I discovered powerlifting and martial arts- I weighed something like 90Kg at 1.77m. (Interestingly, I weight just about the same now, but nobody in his right mind thinks I'm fat these days.) But I found absolutely nothing to be offended by in that video.

Ms. Arbour was basically just talking a lot of common sense, dressed up in acerbic yet funny hyperbole. And yet she was immediately attacked by hordes of fatasses who look (and sound) a lot like Trigglypuff's relatives.

Why? Because she dared to "fat-shame" people.

If you're scratching your head wondering how on Earth that could possibly be a "thing", don't worry, I am too.

Look, lardasses of the world, I get it. I know it's deeply unpleasant to be called fat and obese and get picked on because you're unfit and slow. I've been there. I was that stereotypical fat kid who loved to eat (I still do, actually), and who enjoyed stuffing himself with meat and carbs and cookies.

I come from a family of fat people. My paternal grandmother was a tiny woman who was severely obese for the last thirty years of her life, and eventually that extra weight was a factor in her death. Both of my parents are overweight. My sister is shorter than me but weighs more than I do, and most of her weight is fat.

I got bullied relentlessly as a kid, particularly when I was in Australia. (Which is ironic, given that fatassery over there wasn't exactly rare at the time, and has gotten significantly worse since I left 15 years ago.) When I started working, all of my rowing and dumbbell workouts didn't do a damn thing to stop the creeping advance of fat due to a sedentary lifestyle and a high-carb diet.

It was only when I discovered the iron and eating Paleo that things changed. I'm not lean, by any stretch of anybody's imagination, but I'm also not tubby.

So it is, in fact, possible for a fat bastard to become not fat- all he has to do is to put down the french fries and the jumbo-sized Coke, walk into a gym, learn how to squat properly, and eat green stuff on top of the brown stuff. Or at least, not eat as much of that stuff as he used to.

And fortunately, at least some of the tubbies watching Ms. Arbour's video actually got over seeing red (well, pink, in this particular case) and decided to get off their butts and change their lives:

You see, folks, there is absolutely nothing wrong with fat-shaming. It is a perfectly legitimate tactic to help the people that you care about in your life to improve themselves.

Sure, many of them will get pissed off at you. That's just too bad. The fact is that shame is a powerful human emotion, and like all emotions, it can be harnessed for both good and bad ends. In the case of fat or obese people who want to live happier, healthier lives, shaming them for being fat is no bad thing at all.

And Nicole Arbour, and those like her, are very much on to something when they attempt to tell the fatties of the world to take things into their own hands and become better people.


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