Where the hell did we put that Iron Halo, Smitty?!

As you may have heard, there was a debate staged between the two candidates for President of the United States on Monday night. Now obviously, I didn't watch it- I broke the chains of my subscription to "mainstream" media years ago, and I've never looked back. Besides which, I was doing something rather more important at the time when the debate was actually airing- which is to say, I was punching the crap out of some focus mitts.

Nonetheless, based on the post-debate polls that I am seeing, it would appear that Trump-Muad'dib won that first debate.

Which is all the more remarkable given that most of the commentary that I have seen on the subject indicates that he was, by his own standards, really rather subdued.

I have seen commentary on Mr. Trump's debate performance from across the spectrum. Our own alt-Right brethren have argued that Mr. Trump did not push the HillBot's buttons nearly hard enough. The Clinton News Network's own snap-poll following the debate showed a landslide win for the Bitch- but then, they would, the management of that network is so far up her ass that I would be surprised if anybody who works there has seen daylight in the last few months.

But the basic consensus appears to be this: Mr. Trump had precisely one job, to look and act like a possible President.

He succeeded.

The post-debate poll results are showing the race tightening. The Hilldebeast used to have a lock on the number of electoral college votes up for grabs- but now she is nowhere close to the 270 required for outright victory, and the battleground-state polls show that, if the election were held right this minute, Trump-Muad'dib would, in fact, be crowned the God-Emperor.

All of which, to me, indicates an increasingly high probability that it will be Mr. Trump who raises his right hand, swears the oath of office of the President, and assumes the Mantle of Responsibility late next January.

About 2 weeks back I postulated, as others did, that the debate between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton would basically be a showdown between the Alpha-jock and the nerdy girl. That is basically what happened, although I was wrong to argue that the jock would wipe the floor with the girl. He didn't; he was uncharacteristically subdued- apparently, anyway, as I said, I didn't watch the debate. But I can well believe it.

Even so, it would appear that "losing" the debate didn't hurt The Donald at all. And that leads me to believe that Mr. Trump is going to be the next President.

I could well be wrong. Make no mistake: the establishment still has plenty of dirty tricks to play, up to and including the outright rigging of the ballot boxes and voting systems used on election day. Electile dysfunction is a particularly nasty disease, and based on the past behaviour of the globalists and the progressives- in both main political parties- I would not put it past the Clinton Machine to attempt to use it to swing the vote in the Rottenmuncher's favour.

There is also an outside possibility, which is becoming increasingly remote, that the Bitch will be able to turn things around. Of course, in order to do this, she would have to act like something other than a ravenous zombie. I would put the probability of this happening as being about equal to the probability of the event that the Didact is your next President.

She's just that bad a candidate.

As such, I am cautiously optimistic at the moment that we can now start dusting off Mr. Trump's crown- or, in Warhammer 40K terms, his Iron Halo. The time of the God-Emperor is coming; the Great Crusade will reach its apotheosis in just about 5 weeks from now. And in the end, I expect that the Void Dragon will indeed be slain.

(Yeah, I'm a nerd. So?)


  1. Love Kratman's term for Hill....

    And yeah, it did not go badly for him, even if he didn't mop the floor with her.

    Of course there are (sexist, but SJW's know it's true) reasons it would not have been a good idea to simply pulverize her

  2. All I have to say about the debate is that despite the increasingly lifelike effects of animatronics, Hillary still has that creepy 'uncanny valley' thing going on.

    1. I'm just waiting for the HillBot to blow a fuse and go full Dalek...


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