"We support the First Amendment unreservedly!!!..."

"... until and unless you start saying Bad Things about Important People in Ways That We Don't Like!!!"
- Catechism of the Mainstream Media
It amuses me no end to see that the useful idiots of our Benevolent Globalist Overlords over at ABCCNNBCBS still think that they can dictate what is, and is not, acceptable opinion. Witness the latest feeble attempts by ABC "News" to shut down the Arch-Villain of Fabulosity, His Miloness himself:

The tone of breathless hysteria on the part of a grown-ass man is itself hilarious. The guy really thinks that he can play the righteous moralist with someone who refuses to play by his rules. He's even dumber if he thinks that he can successfully argue with a man with that hair.

Somewhat more seriously, the problem is that Milo isn't the least bit interested in playing by the old rules. And, as the, er, "news" segment points out- in a tone of utter horror and bewilderment- he has absolutely no problem with using their point-and-shriek tactics against them. Turnabout is, after all, fair play.

It is clear from the reactions of the reporter and the anchor in that clip above that they simply have no idea how to handle someone like Milo- or any of his allies in the alt-Right who know how to play the game. And the only way to play that game is to treat these people the same way Milo does: with outright contempt and bare-knuckled aggression.

That, indeed, is the only realistic way to handle them. The reporter in that segment had absolutely no idea what it means to be a professional doing a good job. He was rude, dismissive, constantly interrupting the subject of his interview, and utterly intolerant of his interviewee's opinions.

Like most of his ilk, he does not realise that he is attempting to out-shout and shut down a man who thrives on publicity.

Milo is, in many ways, uniquely suited to that kind of confrontational interview. People like me- quiet, solitary, highly introverted- would respond to that kind of treatment in one of two ways. Either we would simply shut down and refuse to speak due to the extreme sensory overload caused by all of that noise and fury. Or we would respond with absolutely appalling verbal cruelty, utterly crushing the moron attempting to shout us down- but making ourselves deeply unsympathetic in the eyes of the viewer.

What Milo did there was a real work of genius. Even in that heavily edited clip- and you will notice immediately that it was edited to make Milo look as bad as possible- he still manages to make his interviewer look like an obnoxious, overbearing, self-important pompous ass. And, while he himself comes across as outlandish and outspoken, he also paints himself as a clear defender of free speech and of all the good that this does.

Evidently, quite a few of the folks who viewed that clip agreed. Reaction to the Always Be Conning network's hit-piece has been overwhelmingly negative:

Basically, the numpties who run ABC News committed the journalistic equivalent of running all the way up the football pitch, kicking the ball into the open net, and jumping around screaming and yelling, "I SCORED, I SCORED, I SC- wait, I recognise that goal, it's mine...".

(American readers who are unfamiliar with the concept of "football" might understand this if I were to start writing "soccer" instead- but it must be noted that I insist on speaking and writing in English, not American.)

The reality that the MSM is having an increasingly difficult time grasping is that we are no longer going to play by their rules. They are fading into irrelevance, and their ability to shape the narrative is waning.

Consider: just four years ago, when a completely bland and inoffensive character by the name of Mitt Romney was running for President of the United States of America, the media did absolutely everything in their power to tear him down. And they largely succeeded- because he insisted on playing by their rules, and as is so common with mainstream conservatives, went down to a noble and honourable defeat.

But we're not conservatives. We're not interested in "honourable defeat". We recognise defeat, noble or otherwise, for what it is: failure. And we don't much care for the concept.

That is why we are forming our own media presences, and we are changing public opinions and perceptions by being willing to stand for concrete ideas, for the actual achievements of Western civilisation, and for the futures of our peoples and our nations.

The Left is not stupid. They know this. They see it. They are reacting in the only way that they know how to react: by attempting to shout down debate and crowd out other views.

Let them try. They will fail.

And sooner or later, they will discover that their precious First Amendment rights will mean absolutely nothing when they don't have anything available to enforce them.


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