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Friend, commenter, and writer (an actual writer, not a hack like me poking around on a blog) Carey has just released a new e-book, a novella of sorts consisting of a story told in 11 parts. It concerns a man called Cade, a fallen instrument of God who must do battle with a terrifying opponent for the very soul of his best and oldest friend.

I must confess that I have more than a passing interest in this series of stories. Carey requested my help in providing some ideas for the climactic battle, which I was happy to do. I have no idea whether my suggestions were used, nor do I care; the important thing is that a friend asked for my help, which is always a great honour in and of itself.

I read through the first several parts of the story and I found it to be a gritty, compelling, well-written series. Check it out- you can buy the book here.


  1. Thank you very much, Good Sir! This is much appreciated.

  2. Will check it out.

    Who is the Houellebecq or Brett Easton Ellis of the Alt-Right?


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